NBC makes up a word

Dear NBC, I’m sure you meant to say “Hurricane threatens”. Impending is an adverb. Really.


9 responses to “NBC makes up a word

  1. Ummm….It’s a verb; specifically, it’s the present participle of impend.

    It’s still sloppy grammar as “hurricane impends” would have been more correct, but it’s not actually a misuse of the word, Moe. I’ll add though that they have a conjugation misuse in the sentence because of using “impending.” They should have either used “impends” or “cancelling” so as to keep verb forms / tense consistent.


  2. Ms. Holland, Jonolan,

    I am glad I am not judged by you Professors on my grammar . You’re picky


  3. Or,
    “Hurricane is impending” would work. Dropping the “is” might pass for casual language?

    Impending is also an adjective, so “Impending Hurricane cause…..” should be ok too…


    • That’s how I read it mac – ‘the impending hurricane’ works. Pino however has a point. Although I must say I’ve hardly ever heard use of ‘impend” as a verb. But it is one.


  4. What about: ‘With Hurricane impending, Republicans ….’


  5. jonolan – same character count. Switch a colon for the comma?

    I cannot beleive we are getting deep into this!!! 😆


    • You don’t start a headline with “with” or similar, softer words.

      Hurricane Impends/incoming (Always a good one)/threatens; Republicans Cancel Convention Start


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