Just sayin’

11 responses to “Just sayin’

  1. Good luck, Moe!


  2. Yoo hoo, Moe over here. I can see you. Now be safe. 🙂


  3. Stay safe! I hope Isaac isn’t too brutal.


  4. I ask again, why do we live in the god foresaken armpit?


  5. Moe get some stuff and hunker down….

    Be safe!


  6. Stay safe and good luck!


  7. An inch and a half or rain and some wind – bog whoop. I am fearful for New Orleans.


  8. Not to worry. Didn’t Rush say that the National Weather Service was all a ploy by the Administration to try and screw things up?

    However, come up to Charlotte with the Democrats. James Taylor is singing. 🙂


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