Oldies videos still disappearing

Ive been doing a little blog housekeeping today and see that youtube is again taking down more oldies videos, and instead of replacing them with the ‘video no longer available’ message, they’re replacing them with other videos. ‘Short Shorts’ and some Jackie Wilson stuff now appear over and over here.

I’ve tried to keep up and fix things by using different versions of the original songs . . . but it’s too much. So be it.

I just want y’all to know that Who Wears Short Shorts is not my favorite song.

13 responses to “Oldies videos still disappearing

  1. I think You Tube is getting a lot more agressive about removing anything that might violate a copyright, and less willing to call things fair use.


  2. As you are a feminist: it seems clear who loves short shorts wouldn’t be your favorite.


  3. I tell you, to a young lad in the 70s, the Nair commercials were mind-blowing.


    • OMG desertscope – I forgot that there ever even was a product called Nair. If it’s still around, I guess it doesn’t cross my range of vision. So you liked those,, eh?


  4. And yet you look bitchin’ in your short shorts.


  5. Moe: There’s an article in the NY Post about You Tube cutting down their videos:


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