And another. You’re on a roll ladies!

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10 responses to “And another. You’re on a roll ladies!

  1. It sounds like he’s not speaking to all delegates and likely won’t be on TV. Wise choice. This doesn’t feel much like the party I’ve voted for most of life. I think I started falling away in late 90’s or so. I wonder if I’ll ever go back.


  2. It gets crazier by the minute.


  3. Reagan would roll in his grave. I think Goldwater would actually rise from the dead, guns blazing.


  4. At what point did enforcing the law become ” Wacko ” ? Since Democrats figured out that breaking the law is good politically .


  5. You’re right Don in Massachusetts. It does get crazier. Obama and company will sell the United States down the tubes for a few votes. What’s funny is Arpaio presented cold hard facts, and if those fact had it been directed towards you or me … we’d be in prison.
    Alan, when you’re a liberal your oars don’t hit the water. It’s laughable yet sad that seemingly intelligent people can be so blind sided.
    I saw Obama’s America 2016 last nite. We need to get that freak show out of the White House … like soon!


  6. We need to get that freak show out of the White House … like soon!(Cry and Howl)

    I guess you could always bring back the Bush freak show, or wait, better yet you have a possible new one on the horizon. A “legitimate” team starring the next president of the United States, Paul R…, oops I mean Mitt Romney. 😉


    • Well Tit4, you obviously don’t know anything about me. I loathe G.W. Bush. He was the 2nd biggest mistake Americans made by voting him in. Now, I guess I’ll have to type this slower for you … Just a hint … Barack Obama is president, and he happens to be the biggest mistake Americans have made. Allowing him to squat in the White House … because he’s black.
      “We need to get that freak show out of the White House … like soon!”
      Real soon!


  7. Steve,

    You know they are desperate when all they have is the racial accusations . Hopey Changey and the big promises are all gone . Obama got lucky with the financial meltdown hitting right before the election .in 08 . They made the mistake of thinking it was brilliance and not pure luck that got Barry into the White House.

    Now Barry actually has a record and it ain’t very good .


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