Dear CNN: bite me

Now this is going to be useful! YouTube has launched an Elections Hub channel for 2012 and I think I’m going to like it. It’s here. From their own announcement, it will be:

. . . .a one-stop channel for key  political moments from now through the upcoming U.S. election day on November 6. You can watch all of the live speeches from the floor of the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions, see Google+ Hangouts with power brokers behind the scenes, and watch a live stream of the official Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. You won’t need to go anywhere else for the must-watch moments of this election cycle . . .  videos from politicians and parties, plus a diverse range of news organizations—both established names in media and sought-after new voices—are sharing their coverage . . . from the conventions to the debates to election night.

They’ll offer live and on-demand stuff from ABC, Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Univsion . . .

5 responses to “Dear CNN: bite me

  1. I’ll be checking this out. Thank you.


  2. Hey Moe, was wondering if you watch Newsroom on HBO? Written by Aaron Sorkin. Great show and what the news should be.


  3. I know your comment was directed at Moe, J.P, but I wanted to chime in if I could and say that I really enjoyed the “Bully” episode, and particularly the exchange with the Santorum reporter. Sorkin has a great way of swinging people to both sides of an argument so that one questions their own, don’t you think?


  4. @VR

    The “Bully” episode was my favourite. Even though the first episode with the debate scene was phenomenal. 🙂


  5. JR – of course I’m watching The Newsroom. Jeff Daniels is a delight! The first few episodes were not as strong as I’d hoped, but it got better fast. And yeah, T4T, that first scene in Episode 1 when he ‘lost it’ on the panel stage . . . boy that was great.


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