Ladies, how about this?

We can’t all whip out clever youtube videos, so how about painting the town in bras? Get your old bras, buy a bunch more at Goodwill . . .then drop those babies around town, drape them on parking meters, mailboxes, doorknobs on government offices, Republican HQ (let’s double down on that one) churches (certain ones anyway) . . . Picture it: bras everywhere!!! We could make it rain bras! It would bring our American Taliban to their knees, I tell you . . . to their knees! (pssssttt, tell your facebook friends to do it too.)

4 responses to “Ladies, how about this?

  1. The mindset of guys like Akin are half of what’s wrong with the GOP and they should have been purged years ago from the party. The other half that should have been purged long ago is the Religious-Zealot Right. Both halves seem to find it perfectly acceptable to pretend like they’re either scientists (climate) or doctors (women’s bodies) and dictate policy as such when they shouldn’t even be in office to begin with.


  2. I’m totally sharing that “Legitimate Rape” video when I share a new post on the Akin controversy. As for leaving bras everywhere, I’m game!


  3. I think that those you suggest purging Vern are largely running the show in fact in the GOP today.

    Will the Paulites have much of voice at this convention: I wonder?


    • Good question, Bruce. Just seems very out of touch to me, to say the least which yes, would certainly be indicative of our politicians. 😉


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