Why do the networks even bother with ‘Evening News’ anymore?

Time for ABC World News Tonight!  Can’t wait, I said, when I found myself  stuck in the kitchen with wet hands, unable to change the channel after the local news.

So  . . . tonight’s lead story(s): West Nile Virus has killed 27 of 320,000,000 people and we should therefore be very afraid (by the way, the number was 27 yesterday – no change). Also, salmonella outbreak! Even worse – 2 out of 320,000,000 dead-da-da-dead-dead.

I’m terrified. Thank you ABC News.

12 responses to “Why do the networks even bother with ‘Evening News’ anymore?

  1. Evening network news is a joke, and with that said, I don’t even watch it anymore.


  2. Why do people get so upset over swine flu and West Nile virus? The plain old boring flu kills more people each year than either pathogen, so we need to keep an eye on context. As usual, network news blows things out of proportion to get ratings.


  3. I’d say the nightly news on the regular networks are still around for those of us fed up with the sensationalistic nonstop, repetitive drivel on the cable news channels.


    • Spuds, it’s all of TV – FOX and MSNBC are party outlets. CNN is pathetic. The networks just don’t do real news anymore. The only TV news that actually informs me is PBS’s The News Hour. Neilson doesn’t measure their viership because they’re not ocmpeting, but in polls htey repeatedly come up as ‘the most trusted TV news”.


  4. I think it’s called “Free Advertising for Big Pharma”! 🙂 They must have a bunch of old stock from past vaccinations for whatever that they need to get rid of…


  5. Yeah, and they fail to compare those numbers – or the numbers of any other “celebrity” disease or infection – to the normal average of 36,000 deaths in the US alone from the seasonal flu – i.e., the normal flu variants going around in any given year.

    But, “people get sick and sometimes die from it” doesn’t sell ad spots.


  6. F-false


  7. Your chances of dying at the hands of terrorist are extremely small even in the post 9/11 world, but clearly news keeps many people really scared. That fear was well exploited.


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