Hell-o-o-o . . .

The Republican presidential ticket is planning to save Medicare from the mean Democrats who are trying to take it away.

If this works, we’re toast.

8 responses to “Hell-o-o-o . . .

  1. one must never underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate as a whole. Lies have proven to work.


    • Well just look at how it’s being covered in the media as if it were a real story – they don’t even bother anymore to detail the validity of the claim.

      How gullible Donald? VEry very gullible.


  2. The kid figured this out early, eh?


  3. So President Obama did not steal $ 715 Billion from Medicare ?


  4. STEAL?????????

    How about working into the Affordable Healthcare Program for people to have MORE benefits?

    Sorry …..
    That’s STEALING Right?


  5. Jamesb ,

    You guys should know this. Having played Grandma and Grandpa for decades, it does not matter how deservin or undeservin other people are . That money in SS and Medicare is their’s, they own it . You do not play with their money . You and Obama have to prove you didn’t steal it .

    How does it feel to have Republicans beat you at your own game ?


  6. Beat us?
    Let’s see how Florida plays….
    I DO understand that AS USUAL reality gets bent by the right…
    Both Ryan and Obama’s intial budgets had cuts in Medicare….

    Obama put the cuts back into OTHER social programs….
    Ryan wanted THOSE cut to supply money for Defense and other
    NON-Social programs….

    Oh, an update…
    I DO believe that the HEAD GUY Romney has just cancelled the Ryan cuts…..

    How does THAT beat me…Or Democrats?
    This is ANOTHER example of YOUR guy retreating into the ‘vague’ zone…


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