A thought. A scam. A crime.

VOTER ID: I have absolutely no problem with voter ID. My problem is with 1) making it difficult, and 2) rushing it. Voter ID? Not a bad idea. The way they’re doing it? That’s suppression.

NEW STUPID GOP MEME: “In 1962, six percent of Americans got federal entitlements. Now, it’s 35 percent.” Clever. Of course 1962 was before there was Medicare.

CYNICAL MUCH?: Our Congress Critters have made clear once again that they are incapable of acting, even to save  the nation from the bullet they themselves aimed directly at 320 million Americans – the one that requires automatic spending cuts of $900 billion in January 2013.  So, diversion is called for. Time for a shiny new thing. What to do? Why, pass a new bill, The Sequestration Transparency Act. A Nebraska newspaper describes it thusly: “having proven incapable . . . they now indignantly demand to know how the President plans to cut spending.” Not them, the President. Neat.

7 responses to “A thought. A scam. A crime.

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  2. As ALWAYS ….
    The US Congress WILL find a way to by-pass the Original BILL which was NOTHING but politics….
    This is a routine I’m afraid….
    In that there hasn’t been a straight up budget in the last few YEARS
    AND THAT has been from the GOP playbook to embarrass and put down Obama…


  3. The only answer is to get rid of the GOP lock-step majority.

    I don’t post back to myself, (not often, anyway). But this interactive “what will the Ryan Plan do to me” is really helpful, Moe. http://fiftyfourandahalf.com/2012/08/18/give-em-hell-henry/


    • Just read it and thanks for the link. Haven’t played with the data over at ‘the Great Orange Satan”, but I will.

      ANd let me cross-comment this from your post: Yeah Henry Waxman!!!


      • Thanks, Moe. I just posted on the great Todd again. What a maroon.


        • Elyse, don’t know if you saw Ojmo’s comment in the other thread – he nailed it:

          So if a rape victim gets pregnant, it’s proof she wasn’t REALLY raped? Sounds like the medieval “if she drowns she’s innocent” test for witchcraft.


          • No I didn’t. I’ve had to stop following comments because it got overwhelming! I try to check in from time to time.

            But absolutely it sound midieval. So many of these folks’ positions do. I always wanted to experience the Spanish Inquisition, didn’t you?


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