Yawn. Tell me something new.

3 Killed in shooting at Texas A&M

(CNN) — A Texas constable and two others were killed Monday in a shooting near Texas A&M University, police said.

Rhonda Seaton, a spokeswoman with the College Station police department, told CNN that the three people killed were the constable, the man authorities say exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers and an unidentified civilian.

A few minutes earlier, Asst. Chief Scott McCollum, from the same police department, told reporters that multiple people had been shot in the incident, which occurred around noon just a few blocks from the Texas A&M campus.

The dead included Brian Bachmann, a constable in Brazos County, according to McCollum. According to his Facebook campaign page, Bachmann was a 41-year-old Republican from College Station who had been a Brazos County sheriff’s deputy since 1993.

So lottsa folks shot. Three killed. Yawn.

That’s it. Back to unbloggy.

9 responses to “Yawn. Tell me something new.

  1. Can’t “Like this one. When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?


  2. Three young women was shot killed in the Dorchester section of Boston, Sunday night. One of them was a recent graduate of St. Johns University, in NYC. Senseless.


    • Gang violence normally seems senseless to normal people. It’s not a big deal though as long as they only kill in their own hoods. The rest of us can just avoid those areas and let them cull themselves.


  3. I figured you’d be happy about this since you hate the banks and the wealthy so much. The shooter, Thomas Alton Caffall III, was being served an eviction notice and decided not to leave peacefully.


  4. Here’s a shocker. ThinkProgress is reporting that Rick Perry is suggesting that states be allowed to limit guns.

    link: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/08/13/685441/rick-perry-breaks-with-the-nra-and-the-supreme-court-suggests-states-should-be-allowed-to-ban-guns/?mobile=nc


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