Textbook circular reasoning, courtesy of Glenn Beck

Remember Glenn Beck, the batshit crazy one who was a bit too  much even for FOX? The one who found Communist-conspiracies hidden in the 1930 bas-relief sculptures of Rockefeller Center? The guy with the blackboard? The one oddly obsessed with Hitler?

He’s on his own these days, has been for a while. He now has an online “TV show”  and his webzine The Blaze, always good for a little recreational surfing. There’s an article there today that has the right-wing noise machine all a-twitter.

The article is written by a guy who says he was at Columbia with Obama and also says Obama wasn’t really there. Let me repeat: he says he was somewhere with someone who wasn’t there. Or, Obama was there but no one saw him. Or Obama got terrible grades but he wasn’t there. Or, he was a foreign exchange student and also he wasn’t there. And his evidence is, well, here it is:

I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. Call it “gut instinct” but my gut is almost always right.

Reading it all will waste your time, but if you’re sufficiently masochistic, it’s here. Being at The Blaze put me in mind of Lewis Black’s classic take down of Glenn Beck. Pure comedy genius. And this one is worth your time.

15 responses to “Textbook circular reasoning, courtesy of Glenn Beck

  1. These days Glenn himself is often with folks who aren’t there. Only they’re call his audience.


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  3. My gut feeling is that Obama is part of an Islamic terrorist sleeper cell planted decades ago with the sole purpose of becoming President and getting his hands on the nukes. Just before the election he will launch an attack on Russia, destroying NATO in the process. But I have been a bit lax at remembering to take my medication recently.


    • Drat! You found him out WW. A brilliant plot to be sure, financed no doubt by George Soros and Saul Alinsky. Plus, those meds? Obviously a liberal plot to keep you from seeing the TRUTH!


  4. Just out of curiosity, I constantly see the claim that President Obama’s academic records are ‘sealed’, supposedly in some way most people’s aren’t. Hence we see these kinds of stupid stories, that there seems to be an endless appetite for. Aren’t all academic records sealed, that is private, or does anyone know.


    • Ooh, Ooh! I know, call on me, call on me!

      Everyone’s academic records are sealed. It is up to the candidates to release them. I do know that some candidates’ transcripts were thrown down a well where they will never see the light of day. I can’t imagine who would want anyone to go to that extreme …

      But as someone married to a Harvard Law Grad, I can tell you that you don’t get on Harvard Law Review by being a C student. You get there by being one of the top students in one of 4 sections based on grades. Grades that are anonymously given.


      • You get an “A” Elyse! Bush’s records got out because they were leaked. He, like most people and candidates. refused to release them himself.


        • Quick. Seal that A!

          But I didn’t remember that Bush’s grades got out. I thought they were still sealed, but that the speculation and recollections said he was a C student. Perhaps I need an A-.


  5. Isn’t Root terrified to go public with this? After all, Obama supposedly had Andrew Breitbart assassinated for digging up dirt from Harvard that would “bring down the Presidency”.


  6. Message to Moe: according to Frank Bruni, ” And it doesn’t bode well for The Donald. He may have to make do with the “Statesman of the Year” award that he’s inexplicably receiving from the Republican Party of Sarasota County a day before the convention and an hour’s drive down the road.” You must be so proud!


    • Pat, I have erected a Trump-free zone around my conscious mind until he leaves town.

      By the way, I’ll be coming into Tampa from CA on the 25th, two days before the convention – I’ll be the joint’ll be jumpring with Repubs and press arriving. I’m thinking,, no matter if I’m tired, I’ll grab some coffee and hang around for a while to see who I can see.


  7. Reading about Glenn Beck is against my personal constitution.


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