Have a laugh

Without comment – picked it up at TPM.

16 responses to “Have a laugh

  1. Dick Morris is a knucklehead who has rode his rep as Clinton’s ‘savor ‘ Way Too Long….


  2. Morris, + Hannity = fucking morons.


  3. I don’t for a minute believe this but even if it were true, his words will do much more than his single vote.


  4. Maybe Romney will actually vote for Obama.


  5. All joking and leftwing, Obama cultist jabbering as aside, this is plausible. On the other hand, it’s also politics as usual and leaves out the fact that “Wild” Bill probably has to bash Obama whenever he can get away with it for the sake of his domestic tranquility.


    • Plausible? Dear Elvis man, I thought I knew you better than that!

      Also, I take it you think Clinton is campaigning right now for HIllary 2016?


      • I find what was said, though vastly unimportant, quite plausible. Politics works that way, with one’s “friends” being more of a danger to one than one’s enemies more often than not.

        I don’t think so much that Bill is campaigning for SWMNBN in 2016 as sandbagging Obama whenever he can get away with it in order to keep her happy and his household quiet.


        • Perhaps Bill should just follow the model of the GOP’s opinion leaders and divorce a wife when it’s inconvenient? No political downside for him, so why not? And what’s a SWMNBN?


          • She

            As for why he won’t divorce her and she won’t divorce him – I assume that both money and political power / connections are the reason. Their marriage always seemed more of a merger of money (hers) and power or the potential for it (his) than anything else.


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