Guy Adams still nipping at NBC’s butt and good for him

He’s still on Twitter even if his #shutupmattlauer was shut down by the cowards at Twitter when NBC took to the fainting couch.

Today, he’s got a little something up at The Independent, and he’s still piling it on. Oddly I’ve not seen this story over here . . . have you?

Controversy over the coverage of the Olympics on American television deepened today when NBC was accused of deliberately editing footage of the women’s team gymnastics in order to create what critics called “fake suspense.”

This follows the already . . .

. . . widespread criticism of NBC for preventing network TV viewers watching key Olympic events live. They are forced instead to tune into commercial-laden highlights packages aired during evening prime-time.

And all this to ‘break even’ as their earnings are projected to do. They wanted the prestige I assume. FAIL.

6 responses to “Guy Adams still nipping at NBC’s butt and good for him

  1. I am finished with the Olympics until the eye candy returns with men’s diving.


    • Recorded last night to only watch women’s gymnastics to see our new young champion. Otherwise? Bye bye.


      • Did you see the thing on MSNBC that showcased all the Twitter attacks on her about her hair? Good lord.


        • No, but nothing surprises me anymore.

          I finally watched the match yesterday and got mad at NBC all over again. They carried about two minlutes of the medal ceremony and kept the camera on Gabby’s face almoost the whole time. They didn’t even show the other two young women getting their medals. So so disrespectful of the Olympic spirit. For me, it personified NBC’s failures.


  2. She was amazing and will certainly be a star as that smile is so marketable.


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