New Republican candidate with some chops. I’ll keep an eye on him and I think I’ll donate to the Democrat

Meet Ted Cruz. The new Marco Rubio, but smarter. He’s a Harvard educated Tea Partier and once clerked for William Rehnquist. Slightly contradictory but hardly insubstantial credentials.

The story is at Politico;  here’s some commentary from Think Progress, which is not enthusiastic:

. . .  his considerable intellect is rivaled by his very poor judgment. Here are just five of the most revealing windows into Cruz’ Tea Party worldview:

1) Believes George Soros Leads A UN conspiracy To Eliminate Golf: . . . Cruz lays the blame for this global anti-golf conspiracy at the feet of a well-known Tea Party boogieman — “The originator of this grand scheme is George Soros.”

2) Wants To Gut Social Security: In an interview with the Texas Tribune Cruz labeled Social Security a “ponzi scheme” and outlined a three-step plan to gut this essential program. (And, surprise!, he wants to privatize it.)

3) Wants To Party Like It’s 1829: The Constitution provides that Acts of Congress “shall be the supreme law of the land,” and thus cannot be nullified by rogue state lawmakers. Cruz, however, co-authored an unconstitutional proposal claiming two or more states could simply ignore the Constitution’s command and nullify the Affordable Care Act so long as they work together. . . Cruz falsely claimed that states do not need to meet these Constitutional requirements to undermine laws they don’t like.

4)  Is An Islamophobe:  . . .  claimed that “Sharia law is an enormous problem” in this country.

5) Campaigned On How He Helped Texas Kill A Mexican: “Cruz fought all the way to the Supreme Court” after “the UN and World Court overruled a Texas jury’s verdict to execute an illegal alien.”. . . the case Cruz won had nothing to do with whether Texas had the authority . . . it concerned whether Texas could defy a treaty requiring it to inform foreign nationals who are arrested of their right “to request assistance from the consul of his own state.” Even North Korea honored this treaty that Cruz fought to undermine.

So, more good fun ahead.


9 responses to “New Republican candidate with some chops. I’ll keep an eye on him and I think I’ll donate to the Democrat

  1. I’m wishing George Soros would outlaw golf. Damn boring game!


  2. He has all the makings to lead a banana republic.
    Harvard educated? What the hell classes did he miss?


    • Don, I always figure these Cuban guys – him,, Rubio – are really just practicing so they can go back and run Cuba – just like Batista did! An oligarchy with casinos.


  3. Moe, Moe, Moe … I read part of the commentary and low and behold the bold type is what people focused on, which is typical of liberals … take the most minor or silliest part of an issue and make that the main issue. I noticed some of your commentors here did exactly that. The greater substance was in the body of the piece.
    Here in Texas we were given the choice of David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz. I think liberals and RINOs really should wake up and begin to realize that conservatives have had enough of progressive policies that over all are destructive to the country.
    Oh, and if we’re not careful Sharia Law will become a major problem.
    Liberals remind me of a post I made a week or so ago …


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