Chris Matthews finally arrives in 1997!

I’ve got half an ear to Chris Matthews from earlier today. Because Bill Clinton is in the news (he’ll be nominating Obama at the convention) Matthews has seized the opportunity to – over and over again – call Clinton “the Big Dog”. At one point, I actually heard him say “the Big Dog, that’s what we call him now!”

That’s what we began calling him sixteen years ago Chris.

11 responses to “Chris Matthews finally arrives in 1997!

  1. Poor old Chris Matthews. I have a soft spot in my heart for him. 30 years ago, when I was a lowly paralegal trying to get some info, Chris, then the Chief of Staff for the Speaker of the House, called me back to answer my lowly question. He was nice, he was polite. I used my patented “I know you’ll think this is a stupid question” line on him and he took about a half hour to explain the ins and out of the issue I was calling about.

    He is a boob. I know it. But he was kind. I will never forget it.


    • Of course I heard this today Elyse cuz I still listen too! And in spite of stuff like this, I tooo have a soft spot for him. I think it’s because he passionately loves the process – the entire political process and he was inside so long he really knows how it works.

      At this point, he’s nearly the only weekday yakkety yak show I watch any more.

      So, we’re still two Matthews fans.

      By the way, I had a thing decades ago too when I had to contact Sen Ted Kennedy’s office in Mass. They were spectacularly helpful, unfailingly courteous. Democrats!


  2. Matthews is hard on ears….
    I could like him if he would stop cutting his guests off all the time…..
    And slow down….
    I’m sure he’s a decent guy…


  3. Yeah, i like Chris. His hearts in the right place at least, though he can be rather rude at times. Mostly he’s pretty dead on.


    • I think his rat a tat and the interupptions (very rude indeed) are his brain moving at a thousand miles an hour. I think it would be utterly exhausting to have a conversation with the guy.


  4. He, he, he…….


  5. Bill the “Big Dog”!? Dog maybe … but I don’t want to insult my little Shi-Tzu.


    • ‘Big Dog’ is an alpha male who ultimately triumphs and charms everyone in the process. I’d say that fits Clinto to a ‘t’ Steve. 🙂


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