The “Peacock Network” lives up to its name

Friend Shep sent me to Raw Story where they rounded up more criticism of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies.

NBC anchors Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera, who hosted the broadcast, were also panned heavily, to the point that the hashtag #ShutUpMattLauergained steam online.

“When unfamiliar facts arise during NBC’s coverage, you can typically count on in-house smartypants Bob Costas to fill you in on the details,” Slate’s Josh Levin wrote Saturday. “But with Costas on the sidelines until the parade of nations, former Today compatriots Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira instead engaged in a reverse battle of wits, fighting it out to see who knew least. Vieira came out on top.”

Ouch, but they asked for it.

14 responses to “The “Peacock Network” lives up to its name

  1. Their commentary was hands down the worst I have ever heard. I was actually uncomfortable to listen to.


  2. I would rather listen to Matt and Meredith than Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.


    • How about this Frank – let’s trash Matt and Meredity and NEVER EVER EVER listen to Mitch and Harry. Neither of them ever says anything worth hearing..


      • That’s fine. When in the car, I listen to POTUS (XM-124) … and yes, when press conferences by the 4 leaders at the Capitol are covered, I switch channels. Meanwhile, being one who likes worthless information, I enjoyed all the tidbits of information about the countries Costas and colleague provided during the opening ceremonies.


        • Oh frank, I’m fine with that parade of nations commentary. They always do that I think. My problem was with them yak yak yakiing over the ‘show’ and the ceremonoial parts.

          I wish I had sateliite radio in the car. I”m sure it’s ownderful.


  3. I’m glad I haven’t tuned into it ……
    At ALL….

    Thanks for the heads Up!


  4. The way to watch(and enjoy) the Olmpics is use the DVR, watch the event and fast forward thru the replays and commentary and the “up close and personal” crap.


    • I agree that’s the way to watch the games themselves (as opposed to the opening, where there was no way to avooid their imbcicilic talking) but of course I’m not watching much of the ‘sport’ part . . . gotta check the schedules for when gymnastics is on . I like that.


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