Rush cries ‘voter suppression’ – creative little shit, isn’t he

The real Dark Knight

In what may be the most breathtaking turn-it-on-its -head moment in political rhetoric, Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday claimed that the Obama campaign and all Democrats and all the pollsters and all the media are conspiring to suppress the Republican vote.

Here’s how it works. Diabolical pollsters ask questions in a dishonest fashion designed to show Obama leading. The media publish and pushes that narrative. The campaign seizes upon this (of course they’re actually behind it but that’s hidden behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy financed by George Soros and Warren Buffet) and it gloats. All of this combines to discourage Romney voters who are made to think there’s just no point in voting since Obama is sure to win.

Presto! Voter suppression.

He’s a marvel he is.

29 responses to “Rush cries ‘voter suppression’ – creative little shit, isn’t he

  1. This is hilarious! And you just know there are a ton of people who actually believe that.


    • But that’s not at all funny!


      • Well sure it is… when you consider the demented logic that thought up such a ridiculous conspiracy. Sometimes when you hear stuff like this the only thing you can do is laugh.


        • But these are the same folks who vote for the folks that convince them that this is true. These are the followers who go over the cliff because Rush tells them to.

          But they vote and they stick the rest of us with imbecilles.


        • Spuds, the saddest part is that we hear this stuff move from Rush”s teeny little mouth right onto the rest of talk radio,over to Fox News and on into more mainstream conservative media. Watch for it!


          • Okay right… but do you think independents are really going to believe an ourageous conspiracy like that? The people who are going to take it to heart are those people who will never vote for a Democrat anyways, let alone Obama. Those who are going to believe something like this so readily are in the mental realm of the birthers.

            Sure some of the moronic stuff that comes out of faux “news” gets believed by too many (like death panels) but a nutjob conspiracy like this one won’t make it far ’cause it is just so ridiculous.


            • Actually, I think most listeners will dismiss it. The danger in this instance, to me at least, is not that Rush says it and his legions of dittoheads beleive and act on it but that the repetition of the narrative adds to the tribal warcries “Liberals bad. Liberals the enemy.”

              When it’s repeated, it’s likely to be repackaged in a more coherent fashion, but the charge that it’s Dems ‘suppressing hte vote’ will continue to be bounced around and evventually THAT will make it received wisdom and then people will beleive it. A lie is widely propagated and that is how propaganda establishes itself.


              • But hasn’t all that already happened numerous times since the we’ve seen the crazies build up around the conservative media… from rush to beck to anything faux? While taken on the whole it has become a problem but this one particular conspiracy… I just don’t think it has legs like many of the other misinformation strategies we’ve seen in the past.

                That’s just my take on the on this one 🙂


  2. He’s walking, talking fat sack of shit.
    Nice to see Ebay will no longer advertise on his show.


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  4. He’s a marvel marble he is.

    We shouldn’t childishly make fun of the shape of the man’s body. His other issues are much more amusing.


  5. We always have to remember that when Rush opens his mouth, two things come out. First stupidity and second, oh never mind. The second is the same, stupidity.


  6. Rush is in the same basket as The Nincompoop … not worth my time.


  7. Whoa!
    Hey hey hey! Such hatred for the gentleman! It saddens me immensely to read such hate in such a loving atmosphere.


  8. Steve ,

    I hope you are not implying that Liberals are hypocrites ? That they are always whining about the hate speech of Conservatives and Tea Partiers towards President Obama, just cause he’s black .

    Obama must be a great President . How else could he be doing this well in the polls ? No other incumbent President has had this high unemployment, with low economic growth and still been ahead in the polls at this time . How dare Rush imply that those polls are not absolutley honest .


    • Moi implying liberals are hypocrites? I trow not Alan!
      I gotta tell you though that skin color thing really chaps my a$$. I don’t care if the guy burns the country to the ground as long as it’s a white guy that does it.


  9. I wonder if Rush supplied any examples of those dishonest pollster questions; just curious what they’d look like.


  10. Since the word ‘hate’ has come up here – not unexpected of course – let me confirm that to the extent I understand what ‘hate’ means, I do in fact really really hate Rush Limbaugh.

    It’s not a matter of political position – I honor and respect many people and pols and columnists etc with whom I disagree sharply on almost everything. Let me toss out an example: Ted Olson, Bush’s Solicitor General, one of the grand old men of The Federalist Society and the conservative lawyer’s conservative lawyer. He’s also very principled and thoughtful. I respect him.

    Here’s the difference with Limbaugh – my dislike doesn’t spring from the fact that the man is a vulgarian on his fourth marriage, or that he’s now got a fourth trophyi wife, or that he’s been morbidly obese most of his life suggesting a lack of will power, or that he’s had something of a drug problem,, not that he was a college drop out and draft dodger, and certainly not because he was a child of privledge from an august family of judges and attorneys. Those things mean nothing to me, they would not be my business and I’d have no right to judge him for them, except, EXCEPT, that he’s spends 15 hours a week for 20 years screaming judgements at others for just those things.

    Steve and Alan – did you know that when he was arraigned and charged with his drug crimes that the ACLU sprung to his defense. They stood in Court with his attorneys to defend the llittle turd (whoops, hate language again). And they did that of course because, to quote Rush, even after they took up his case, they are ‘liberal scrum’.


    • Certain rightwing politicians and pundits provoke in me a visceral and purely involuntary repulsion–like being unexpectedly and brutally smashed in the face with a jackboot–just by exposure to their voice or picture. Rush Limbaugh is one; Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Hannity, O’Reilly, and of course George W. Bush, are some others.


    • @Moe

      Kind of a lot of energy to waste on someone you dont even know and doesnt even know you exist.

      “Resentment is letting someone live rent free in your head”


      • Of course you’re right T4T; it’s not him – although I’m sure if I knew the guy, I wouldn’t like him – it’s the effect he has had on our national discourse. It’s been huge and so very destructive..


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