Japanese schoolgirls and Louis Prima. Separated at birth.

When I was in my early 20’s, and first living in New York, my then roommate and I lived in a ‘residence hotel’ called the Belleclaire on the upper West Side off Manhattan. A shabby place but convenient and affordable with a nightclub on the first floor (the name has disappeared into my own way-back machine).

This I remember though: the club’s headliner was Tito Puente and his band. He mostly did Latin and salsa stuff, with the occasional swing sidebar. One of his regular numbers was Louis Prima’s classic Sing, Sing, Sing.

I think he played that one every night around 10pm; when my windows were open, I could hear them, and I honestly never tired of it.

But these Japanese high schoolers have him beat. They’re a delight. (Thanks to friend Shep for this one – start at 6:00 into the video for the beat).

3 responses to “Japanese schoolgirls and Louis Prima. Separated at birth.

  1. Oh this is wonderful. The beginning is a bit slow, but entertaining.


  2. The notes on the video say that the actors performed their own music for the film. If true, that’s very surprising, and rarely done in any Hollywood film unless the actor is primarily a musician. I do remember hearing once that the actors wrote their own songs for Altman’s “Nashville”, though.


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