Just make it stop

What is it with these Republican men?  They’re at it again in Congress because  apparently contraception is still the enemy of freedom.

A Letter to the Editor in my paper a few weeks ago provided a nice list of religious beliefs and rules that are ignored, indeed violated,  by civil law:

  • The Catholic ban on divorce
  • Muslim and Jewish laws about women and children
  • Buddhist and HIndu prohibitions against killing animals
  • Capital punishment
  • Quakers and conscientious objectors pay taxes that finance wars
  • Christian Scientist pay taxes to support medical care they abjure.

11 responses to “Just make it stop

  1. Unfortunately, it won’t stop until we vote them out of office. They are just nuts.


  2. Moe, Moe, Moe. We are not just all barefoot and pregnant, waiting at home with the vacuum cleaner in one hand and a martini in the other and a gleam in our eye. That’s the problem.


    • And you know what Elyse, that’s what it’s ALWAYS been about – aboriton, birth control, all that ‘teh sex’ stuff? It’s about putting us uppity women back in our place. As they define it of course.


  3. Employers and institutions denying women birth control based on moral objections isn’t freedom; it’s control. If the Republicans really cared about freedom, they’d support women’s reproductive rights without reservation.


  4. I”m going to copy & post that list on my Facebook page.


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