Language lessons for the media

Dear media: when you report on US foreign policy or military decisions, announcements and initiatives, please do not ascribe them only to “the Administration” or “the President”. Since they act in our name, the proper attribution is to “we” or “us”. (an Administration did not go to war in Iraq, ‘we’ did.)

If more specificity is appropriate, say “the Federal government” or “the State Department” or “the Pentagon”. If the initiative is purely from the Executive, then go ahead and say “the President” or “the Administration”.

It’s not as sexy or shiny, but it might mitigate the vein-popping outrage – from certain quarters – that the President is a dictator bent on enslaving us all.


4 responses to “Language lessons for the media

  1. Wait. You mean Obama isn’t trying to take over the world??!

    I think you need to do a series of lessons for the media. First up – how to be journalists…


  2. You are right. Words are important. They can frame the issue without our knowledge. And that fact is easy to forget.


    • Donald, our Dems are just as bad.

      A few years back, Limbaugh began referring to the ‘Democrat Party’. He meant it as an insult. And now it’s in wide use among the punditocracy and it’s simply never challenged. I see Dems sitting there and smiling and letting it flow right over them. Are they so dim they’ve not even noticed?


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