Bain and the tax return stuff? This is hurting Romney.

Here is  a man who’s spent a good part of his adult life preparing to be the President and who’s actually been running for the better part of a decade. And now here is a man squirming in front of the cameras, trying to sidestep and avoid answering entirely predictable questions. Entirely predictable.

I’ll bet his political advisors over the years warned him of the danger if he did not prepare. And I’ll bet he thought they were over-reacting. I’m sure he thought people really wouldn’t care.

Romney is increasingly sounding like someone who believes that whatever he chooses to share with the electorate ought to be enough for them. Noblesse oblige and all ya’know.

8 responses to “Bain and the tax return stuff? This is hurting Romney.

  1. He is hurting himself more than anyone else.
    If he just said no I didn’t resign from BAIN, so what, but now it makes him look like someone very untrustworthy.
    The Taxes ! If there is something awful there he should have gotten it out long ago, or not run. Now he can’t win. He has to release them. This will not go away


    • I quite agree. Obama and others will keep at him as they should. It’s politics and looks like Romney perhaps wasn’t really cut out for it?


  2. I think Moe’s right… he really believes that whatever he wants to tell us should really be enough for us little people. He’s that disconnected from the real world. And Jay, I hope you are right, that he can’t win now. But with all the money behind him (and against Obama), I’m not so sure.


  3. It is a supreme show of arrogance but I think Don is right that the race can be bought by all the big money lining up behind Mittens.


  4. I think this issue will be forgotten come November. If its Obama’s trump card, he’s played it too early. That doesn’t mean that something will kill Romney later, but I don’t think it will be this.

    Time will tell.


  5. Poor Willard????


  6. It’s early, but this is a gift that just keeps giving Bruce.


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