Take a bow. Exit left.

with Patricia Neal in “A Face in the Crowd”

Imagine an actor who made his film debut as the named lead in a movie that is still a classic.

Well done.

13 responses to “Take a bow. Exit left.

  1. Still a good movie. And EVERYBODY loves Mayberry.


  2. Rest in peace, Andy.

    I LOVED “A Face in the Crowd.” It’s a very savvy look at how charismatic people can manipulate those around them, but despite their charm, their souls are hollow. Since Rhodes was a figure in the entertainment/media industry, I kept thinking about Glenn Beck as I watched the film.


    • Ahab, I watched it again recentlly for the first time in 10 or 15 years, and yup, Glenn Beck. He was talk radio before talk radio. Wasn’t about the politics, it was about the weasily charisma.


  3. Cheers to the Andy’s contributions!


  4. And don’t forget TWO Tony nominations: one for a play NO TIME FOR SARGENTS (1955) and a musical DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (1959). He also was a spokeperson in TV ads in favor of ACA back in the day. He was so much more than Mayberry.


    • Ed, I heard a few conservative commentators who were ‘disappointed’ with his liberal activism. Disappointed because they mix up Sherrif Andy, the fiction,, with Griffith, the actual real human.


  5. With Patricia Neal, who starred in the film adaption of Ayn Rand’s novel the Foutainhead.


  6. Saw Face in the Crowd for the first time around CY 2000. I was stunned. It was as if Bud Shulberg & Elia Kazan had predicted Bill & Hilary Clinton to the very last last detail, even the Little Rock setting. If the RNC had screened this film before that election, Clinton would have never won. Too bad no one’s written a sequel.


    • The Clintons? I suppose there’s similarity in that he was a southern country boy from Alabama Arkansas and she was from the upper middle class and far more sophisticated than he. And she stood behind and no doubt was very instrumental in his success as he was later in her success. An unlikely couple to start, but today they look as naturally suited as can be.


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