Anything else you want to ask me?

It’s been an unbloggy week, but I think I managed to say this on Monday:

(I’m staying out on my limb – I think Roberts votes for Obamacare. And if he does, so does Kennedy.)

Yup. That’s what I said. Gotta go. CNN’s calling.

(Whoops. My bad. Kennedy dissented.)

17 responses to “Anything else you want to ask me?

  1. Moe, I’m just jumping on your blog on the train to say you got this. I totally didn’t see this one coming.


  2. The Other Steve

    Will it rain on the 4th of July, oh Swami?


  3. You’re better than a Magic 8 Ball.


  4. The fact is that for once, The American People actually “Won” one! I am so grateful that Justice Roberts is fair minded and very evidently is not influenced by Extremes – – – like some others might be.


  5. While the people may have “won” on this one, with everyone being able to get insurance, I don’t like the way it passed. Setting the precedent that the gov’t can make the people purchase anything if set up as a tax if they don’t. That just screams opening doors for future abuse to me.


  6. Ok Moe, how did you know this? Someone told you something that you are not sharing, no way anyone would have guessed this.


    • 😆 Gordon, there were a few legal scholar types and media lawyers who thought that it would go this way, but they were in a definite minority.


  7. I stand in awe…


  8. 500 ain’t bad….

    It’s better than the weather people….


  9. Finally getting the hang, sort of, to this Mac. Important is that I can get to Whatever Works. Re SCOTUS…you are still my hero…who else – read “Liberal” predicted Roberts’ decision. And with such certainty. One-of-a-kind.


    • Welcome back Woodstock, welcome back. And for Roberts’,, he left clues all over the place starting with his confirmation hearings that he wanted to upend the partisan 5-4 split on the Court. And in a case as monumental as this one, he simply decided a partisan, political overturn of a law passed by congress and signed by a president, he acted as he said he would. Well, hinted he would.


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