We follow the law here in Florida

This photo is from my local TV station –  yes, that’s an alligator, using the crosswalk, as is legally required for any alligators crossing a street. It is the law.

9 responses to “We follow the law here in Florida

  1. That alligator is clearly hiding something! Otherwise, he would jay-walk like everybody else.


  2. I wonder if he is from Mexico? He should show his papers.


  3. The real question is, did the alligator remember to look both ways before crossing the street?


  4. If you meet him, I expect he will ‘stand his ground’, as that is also the law.


  5. Unless it’s a pet gator, in which case it has to be collared and on a leash.

    Yep! leash laws apply to reptiles too, as my 1st wife found out when carrying one of our monkey tail skinks down to the local farmers market.


  6. I can’t believe my eyes —– he’ wearing a Rick Scott button!


  7. Everyone’s got the witty wind today! Did no one think to comment about WHY he was crossing the street?


  8. To escape Hermes?


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