Yup. That’s Irish – at least in New York

Just heard this in a Comedy Central commercial from some Irish comic:

St Patrick  is the Patron Saint of Strangers Peeing in your Front Garden.

I love that.

4 responses to “Yup. That’s Irish – at least in New York

  1. I’m not sure I understand. Does St. Patrick keep it from killing the grass? If so, I must notify our city leaders. We’re close to several military bases and our downtown is a popular place after 10PM–the bars are packed. The owners of the historic old homes along the Cape Fear River frequently complain about their property being used as yard urinals.


    • Ahhh marylee, you have my sympathy. Sounds like the behavior that is tolerated in NYC every St. Patricks Day is an every-day thing down your way. I don’t know why I posted this today, should have scheduled it for 3/17/13, but I heard it, I chuckled and so there ya go!

      (By the way,, if it’s real Irish pee, it won’t kill the grass, cuz it’s really beer.)


  2. Well, would you want them doing something behind your back?


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