Clear enough? Any questions?

This is Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, testifying in front of Congress today. See the cufflinks? Like them? They carry the seal of The President of the United States. Doesn’t matter which president – could be any one of them. (Good looking guy though . . . )

10 responses to “Clear enough? Any questions?

  1. He seriously wears those cuff links to a hearing? Wow.


    • Thomas, I don’t know if he’s subtly (NOT) hinting he’s untouchable or just saying ‘f.u.’ on general principle.

      Must’ve worked – Sen. DeMint thanked him (really) for something or other.


  2. Confirmation. The governments are in cahoots with big business, surprise, surprise………………NOT. 😉


  3. Yea Thomas why not?
    He’s hooked up….
    EVERBODY in the room knew it….
    NOBODY broke his balls either…


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