And yet another laugh out loud moment

My morning paper has been amusing me lately. Frank Cerabino, a Cox media columnist thinks Florida needs a ‘state gun’. (Is he onto something here?.)

He closes the column with this:

And once we have an official State firearm, we can move onto other similar designations, such as an official State cancer.

9 responses to “And yet another laugh out loud moment

  1. Florida- Where the weired stuff happens!


    • We have definitely replaced California which had a few decades of being the weirdest state.

      Glad to see you, “you-say-shitty-but-I’ll-bet-you’re-a-fine-dad”.


  2. What would be the perfect gun for sunny FL??? One of those nickle platted babies!!!


  3. Oh, I do believe that Texas is still one up-ing you in the crazy department:


    • Perhaps they can sell them to the little buggers as well – design them with superhero themes, make em look like laser guns, but be sure they shoot real bullets. But maybe we should make the age cut off at ten instead of eight? Or is that too unconstitutional?


  4. They will eat your face, they will shoot your face…no really, I *am* planning to visit Florida someday in the future 😉


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