Sure, the spelling is funny, but jeebus and uh-oh, look at those numbers

Spell checkers everywhere are being asked to work overtime this week as the Romney campaign keeps missing those typos. “Amercia” was bad enough, but misspelling the Gipper’s name? The Gipper’s Name??? Sacrilege!

24 responses to “Sure, the spelling is funny, but jeebus and uh-oh, look at those numbers

  1. Perhaps they were just referring to the Treasury Secretary …


  2. Aside from the misspelling, you have to admit, it is a pretty interesting analysis.


  3. I don’t find it that interesting because I don;t know where they got their polling data for each entry and, if they’re from different sources, the chart becomes meaningless.


    • This chart comes from the Romney campaign,, but it’s not far off what other statisticians have been compiling. Obama is not a shoo-in. He could lose.


      • Obama could lose.

        Scary, but true. This election is far from over and it’s going to be an ugly season.


        • And with Europe, all bets are off Chappy. (nice to see you)


        • Well, scary for you and the rest of Liberals – some quite different than scary for the rest of us.

          Though I’m more concerned with maintaining and strengthening our hold on the House and Senate, especially the Senate.

          I figure that if we hold both houses of the Legislature it really doesn’t matter who’s in the White House. And, if is Obama and he gets feisty, we can always impeach and remove him – a far better object lesson than merely voting him out of office.


          • Try impeaching him without a reasonable issue and you will have a riot on your hands.


            • Riots are both things that be can handled and used to good effect, Samuel. A lot of problem types could be effectively culled if they were goaded into rioting…

              But, we have multiple “reasonable” issues under the law under which Obama could be impeached – Libya comes to mind since it WAS an “illegal war” by the only standards that matter, American law.

              Still, given the nature of the lamestream media, the Leftists, and the Blacks, no just cause would be considered “reasonable.” That’s no reason not to do it anyway though since it would send a strong message – and a stronger one if the rioters were dealt with harshly and effectively.


  4. LBJ was elected to ONE term….


  5. I fail to see where this chart is relevent . Johnson was really the second Kennedy term . Ford could not win because of Wateregate . George HW Bush was the Reagan third term. Even Jimmy Carter was in good shape until the second debate . May numbers do not mean very much .


  6. The Tin Man,
    ” What have you learned, Dorothy ? “


  7. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but it I were Obama I think maybe I would have waited until after I won before coming out in support of gay marriage.

    All him opponent has to do is oppose him on that one issue, and 40% of the vote is automatically in the bag.

    Just sayin’…


    • He and his handlers did the math. They decided that they were losing more of his base over his lack of a position than he would lose by coming out in favor – sort of – of gay marriage.

      Remember, Obama is just about the most divisive POTUS in American history and he can only win by bringing out more of his base than his opponent does. The “independents” will split close to down the middle like they always do no matter who’s running for office.


      • Divisive? How ’bout LIncoln?


        • Personally, I think that Obama is more divisive than Lincoln was, but that’s because I think of Lincoln as managing an already violently divided nation and dealing with a Congress that realized that no compromise was possible over slavery – not with the western territories being opened up.


          • Well, personally, I think it’s not that Obama is actually divisive . . . it’s that the right really hates him and has since day one.


            • Given the platform that he chose to run under and the actions of the Liberals in Congress upon his election, that is to be expected and is the core of his divisiveness.

              And he’s still running under a woefully divisive campaign strategy today, despite not actually being able to achieve much in the way of Leftist policy – either through being blocked by Congress and the Courts or through not actually wanting to do so in the first.


      • I agree with you, that was definitely his plan.

        But I disagree about him being divisive. He is only divisive because he is the first African American president. Seeing as how his policy and campaign is what’s being looked out here, I don’t see that as especially relevant.

        No, Obama has been, in my mind at least, a pretty big fence straddler just about his entire first term.

        I don’t have the audacity to think I know more than his advisers when it comes to what goes on in the minds of Americans. But this isn’t exactly a cut and dry issue, either. It is more of a horse race, and the layman can be right even when the experts are wrong.

        Now, let political correctness go down the toilet, and let’s be realistic.

        The people that were going to vote Obama, his core base, weren’t going to vote for “the other guy”, anyway. It wasn’t going to happen. Period.

        Gays vote democrat.
        Blacks vote democrat.
        Liberals vote democrat.

        As far as I am concerned, that’s his core base, with the former and the latter being totally unaffected by the support of gay marriage. They wouldn’t dream of casting a ballot for the red, not in a million years. Those guys aren’t going nowhere, no matter how disillusioned they are with Obama, and for whatever reason.

        However, there are a lot of religious black people who are, sadly, not very supporting of gay marriage. Which passion outweighs the other is yet to be seen, but chancing it is a little risky, considering that many already feel that he’s a false messiah in black face. Bold, but true. Sorry.

        There are a lot of nut groups (who I believe register as independent, but no one cares). Those guys are unaffected.

        Finally, it leaves working class, white bread, independents. A small, but swinging and powerful demographic, and one that will probably be the deciding factor here in 2012.

        It was too risky. He should have waited.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    You should try for a job in the Obama media .I watched them describe a ” secret meeting ” where Republicans plotted to oppose and defeat President Obama just after he took office . It was diabolical . They personally hate him .

    History teaches that going back probably to John Adams these secret diabolical meetings have taken place . Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and George W. were all hated far more than Obama .


    • Alan, true that they and other prez’s were hated. The difference I think is that the ‘hatred’ developed as a result of their actions/behaviors in office. Don’t forget that Nixon and Reagan were re-elected with huge margins. Democrats voted for them in big numbers.


  9. Here’s the sad fact that many of you are forgetting or refusing to face: We’re now a media-driven culture by and large. As a mob we such at the Glass Tit (Thank you, Harlan, for the term) and believe what we’re told.

    Obama campaigned as a Leftist and continues to do so. That is what his message has been and that is what people have been told to believe. That he is actually a self-centered, narcissistic, pragmatist is largely irrelevant. Presentation takes precedent over Product.

    His race is immaterial and hatred of Obama is born out of it, no matter how Obama’s proxies and media tries to say otherwise. He didn’t run as a Black and has no said word one about Black issues beyond a few vague statements to Black activist groups and some of those words were not of the sort that the average Black grievance-mongering panhandler would like.

    That’s the thing; Obama is a successful campaigner but campaigns upon class divisions – and any other division he can find, other than race</em, because he can't and never could campaign on his achievements.


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