Union busting. Voter suppresion. Lady parts.

Also “bomb, bomb, bomb . . . bomb, bomb Iran”.

The 2012 GOP platform, just like the old GOP platform.

8 responses to “Union busting. Voter suppresion. Lady parts.

  1. For 1 Orwellian GOP slogan I retort with 1 Orwellian Democratic slogan:

    “Freedom is slavery.”


    • “War is Peace”. Who owns that one Sean 😆

      (How is the ‘freedom’ one a Dem slogan?)


      • I’ll take “War is Peace” if you admit that “Ignorance is Strength” pretty darn well applies to both sides. 😉

        For the other slogan, the more government provides, the more the populace becomes a slave to it. Hence “Freedom is Slavery.”


  2. Conservatives do seem to dislike the intellect. Not sure why.


  3. ‘Is that all there is?’
    ‘Then lets keep dancing…….’


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