Okay. I’m down with that.

Erupting Urinal Soaks White House Press Gallery

Justice. Here.

5 responses to “Okay. I’m down with that.

  1. Off point (and picking a thread without the trolls..):

    After Wisconsin I’m thinking Romney might win – might even be likely to win.. Two months of hammering the prez this fall, and making some coordinated moves on corporate downsizings and bump up the gas prices, enough folks might stay away from the booths.

    But who knows – maybe it’s for the best. Four years of Romney – and then a new progressive and aggressive president could fix things from 2016. It’s hard to forgive the current one for not trying more, sigh..
    On the other hand, it’s just a mistaken hire, which happens all the time – but not always on this scale.


    • I agree – I thought Obama was a shoo-in till a few months back. And now, with Europe, over hwich he has no control, if we did down any more,, he’s toast.

      By the way, occassional commenter Jay is an old friend and real Democrat, who retired after a career in Boston politics, said Romney was a okay gov. He is a genuine moderate, but who knows if he can get away with it if he’s elected and has a GOP House again. He may ahve as hard a time as Obama. And THAT my friend might indeed be very good for the left.


      • Yeah – I wondered about that. What would four years of Romney do to the country.. Or maybe – would he bend to the donors, as much as Obama..
        And who knows, maybe not. He seems more effectual, and less willing to be run over.
        Speculating if Romney would be better for the political center might be a stretch – but comments like that of Jay is useful food for thought.


        • Now let’s see if you and I can get through the election year without falling into utter despair at the whole mess!


          • Yes.. but it’s really not that ugly, yet. And maybe it won’t be – compared to what the other candidates would’ve wanted to do. Romney’s attacks are cerebral and clumsy.
            But we’ll await the superPACS.. after summer…


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