I’m ready! Got the cake; got the candles. Anyone know what time the fireworks start?

Betcha didn’t know that tomorrow is Jefferson Davis’ Birthday! (Here in Florida, that’s a paid holiday for State workers. Betcha didn’t know that either!)

Fortunately the celebration of ole Jeff’s birthday only calls for that other flag, cuz I just put away the stars and stripey one after Memorial Day.

18 responses to “I’m ready! Got the cake; got the candles. Anyone know what time the fireworks start?

  1. Ah, yes. The South Shall Rise Again. Folks here in Virginia agree.

    We Yankees just have to keep them in their place!


  2. Susan B. Anthony? How did she get included? What is Pascua Florida Day? I’ve been in Florida for 11 years, never heard of it. And, nice that Florida holidays include Shrove Tuesday. Awful to think folks could take that holiday and not get paid.


  3. I also find it creepy that many American military bases in the South are named after Confederate generals. Why honor traitors? Benedict Arnold was an excellent general, too, but we don’t name bases after him.


    • Did you see the others Sean? Confederate Memorial Day? Robert E. Lee’s birthday?


    • More accurately, why name bases after enemy generals? Confederates can’t be traitors because they openly seceded – the union of the several states being a voluntarily association, insofar as the law was concerned, until after the War of Northern Aggression – from the Union in the wake of oppression by the federal government.


      • I knew someone would cart out that ridiculous name for the conflict. Traitors, rebellion, insurrection. It was any and all of those, but it was anything but a “War of Northern Aggression,” especially since the Confederacy started the conflict at Fort Sumter. It was no more a War of Aggression than World War II was a war of American aggression against the Japanese.


        • Gee, Blue Belly, you sure got worked up quick over that. You lose kin there or something? 😆

          The South had removed itself from the Union. They had told the Union government to remove its troops from Sumter but Lincoln refused to have his power reduced by the loss of the Southern states. Hostilities naturally ensued.

          It bore the closest resemblance to Revolutionary War. Sadly in many ways, though happily in others, the rebels lost to the tyrant that time.


  4. I did. I wonder how Florida would react if someone proposed a Union Memorial Day. Someone should seriously try that one.


  5. The south always seems a little schzoid on the civil war: the recent unpleasantness. The are patriotic; but must integrate that and the civil war.


  6. I’m just back from singing Jefferson Davis carols in my neighborhood and I am feeling very good. I would have missed this had you not told me. But because today is Sunday, are state offices closed tomorrow?


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  8. I’m adding to this post on home page . . .


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