Now that’s some fair and balanced my friend

Look here children, and see how a real news organization does it.

10 responses to “Now that’s some fair and balanced my friend

  1. It’s hard to find any real news these days. The stories that should be investigated and reported on are not even getting a mention. CNN has become ‘infotainment’. There’s still good journalism out there but you have to search to find it. College professors blogging are covering more of the important news than all the TV networks combined. One of the few good journalists left on the boob tube is Bill Moyers.
    And it’s all about consumerism. They don’t dare report anything that will upset the oligarchy and cause sponsoring corporations to object.


    • What are you people on about? Fox News is hella-awesome!11!! It must be the lack of liberal-bias that has you all up in arms. If there was ever was a reliable news source it would have to Fox News.


    • Media ownership is getting closer and closer – something like 75% of worldwide media is owned by six companies. The only ‘real’ TV news these days comes from PBS, BBC,, Cspan – and there’s some good stuff on Al Jazeera English.


  2. ROFLMAO! “War on marriage”? I thought he was encouraging more marriages to take place!


    • Yeah, but see all those other marriages are going to end and they’re all going to want to get gay-married! FOX is a piece of work, aren’t they,


      • As a heterosexual, I always get kinda offended by the suggestion that gay marriage is going to make my relationship fall apart….


        • Just you wait brat, just you wait!

          I heard Rush has been talking about the ‘assault on traditional marriage”. I guess his own valiant efforts to protect ‘traditional marriage’ didn’t work with the first divorce, or the second divorce, or the third divorce. Maybe this time, with a wife 26 years younger, will do the trick.


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