So is Obama going to bring it home?

UPDATE: Moe is currently accepting accolades below for having called this one exactly correctly.

Is it possible Joe Biden was chuckling up his sleeve and doing a set up Sunday when he spoke – awkwardly! – 0n gay marriage? He provided great material to  our cable gasbags, who’ve played with it for days now because, ha!, “we never know what is going to come out of Joe’s mouth”.

Pretty predictable both in execution and reaction. Joe knows that, so why not use it? (Although the Will & Grace bit was pure Biden.)

Obama talks somewhere today and will be asked. I  know this because it has been breathlessly reported all over the blogosphere that HE. WILL. BE. ASKED!

So is this the ‘two’ of a ‘one, two’ punch? Does the President of the United States, having seen the polls, declare himself for gay marriage?

That’s be cool. And not a bad move in an election year – it might help bring out the youth vote.

28 responses to “So is Obama going to bring it home?

  1. Well of course he’ll be for it dear Moe. Apparently you haven’t seen the latest news …


  2. He might as well. Prospects for winning NC don’t look so good today, do they?


  3. Don’t hold your breath. The Campaigner-in-Chief isn’t going to come out for or against anything that controversial in an election year, especially given the margin by which NC eliminated any same-sex unions and the general lack of shock, outrage, or protest leveled over it.

    Remember that his handlers will be reminding him that Blacks are historically homophobic and that he can’t afford to give them any excuse not to vote come November.

    If he’s reelected (shudder), that’ll likely change and he’ll express a firmer opinion.


  4. Well, I was wrong:

    I guess his handlers told him that not siding with gay marriage would hurt him more than being noncommittal would.


  5. Very exciting but what happens now? DOMA repeal?


    • I thought DOMA was repealed? It was a ‘policy” not a law,, and the Pentagon supposedly undid it.


      • Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), not Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT), Moe. DADT was law too though, not policy, and had to be repealed by Congress.

        DOMA won’t be repealed though. It might be overturned by the SCOTUS though, especially since the Obama Regime has declared that they wouldn’t defend it in court even though they’re technically required to do so – though how they actually could under the Constitution without opening a WHOLE tanker ship of chaos is beyond me.


        • [the Obama regime . . . ]

          jonolan, I assume you are referring to our current constitutionally elected executive branch of our government, ergo the Obama Administration?

          FYI, I never used the term the ‘Bush regime’ – they were a gov’t I didn’t like, but (at least in ’04) were legitimately chosen by the American people. I didn’t like him, but Bush was my president.


        • Also, whooops! DOMA DADT, bleh. Wrong anachronym AND wrong on it being a law. (I really thought DADT was policy.)

          DOMA is an odious bill. I think you agree.


          • I don’t find DOMA odious but I do have serious problems with its second Article, which states that the several States do not have to honor marriage contracts of other states since such a declaration violates Article. IV, Section. of our Constitution.


            • I am not familiar with the language of DOMA but I’m very familiar with its intent – which is to enshrine in law bias against a class of people and limit their civil rights. That’s a bit much for me.


              • Full text is here:

                My issue is the following text:

                No State, territory, or possession of the United States, or Indian
                tribe, shall be required to give effect to any public act, record, or
                judicial proceeding of any other State, territory, possession, or tribe
                respecting a relationship between persons of the same sex that is
                treated as a marriage under the laws of such other State, territory,
                possession, or tribe, or a right or claim arising from such

                It violates – DIRECTLY and almost VERBATIM – Article. IV, Section 1 of our Constitution:

                Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

                I’m far more concerned about that than some claim of violation of mythical civil rights, there being no right to marriage.


                • And I didn’t think anything could shock me any more. . . .has it gotten to the Supremes yet? I’m sure there are legal challenges out in lesser judicial land.


                • It hasn’t reached the SCOTUS yet and mostly likely won’t anytime soon because the SCOTUS is going to be loath to grant the case Certiorari because it’s currently being argued in lower courts as a breach of the 14th Amendment.

                  The implications of dealing with the case under those terms is too messy for the Court to want to engage in it.


                • Oh, I think once the legal conflicts clear there’s no way they don’t deal with this one – and I mean that second article part that you posted here. That’s as crystal clear violation. If they don’t take it up, we’re toast. Yet again.


      • Don’t you love the world of govt. speak. DOMA is alive and well tho there is a move to repeal it. I thought he could do it by executive order but I suspect it would be political suicide.


  6. In terms of tolerance and civility – this is a big day for America.


    • Just don’t go to the Sarasota County Republican website if it is tolerance and civility you are seeking. They will soon be digging into the back of their closets for the old white robes and those cute pointy hoods.


    • Don’t know you come up with that idea. You Leftists are far more intolerant than any of the Right. You just have different criteria and preferred victims and means of expressing your bigotry and hatred.


      • The difference is, any bigotry/hatred on the left is not uniform and in lock-step the way that is on the right. Yes, as humans we all have bigotry. It does seem that the folks on the Right celebrate it, while those on the left are, at a minimum, embarrassed by it.


  7. Folks you KNOW they polled this four ways from Sunday!…..
    Obama is leading in NC by a whisker…
    We’ll see how it plays….
    But Obama is 180 from Romney and some others….


  8. President Obama thinks ahead, but he has me wondering about this one because it may cost him more votes than it gets him. Personally, I was hoping he would stay low, then, assuming re-election, come out of nowhere with the support. OH well … time will tell.


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