Speechless. Simply speechless.

In Aurora, Colorado, D’Avonte Meadows, 6-year-old boy at Sable Elementary School was suspended for sexual harassment and disrupting other students. How can a six-year-old boy sexually harass someone? He told a girl “I’m sexy and I know it,” a line from a popular song.

If you can stand it, more here.

4 responses to “Speechless. Simply speechless.

  1. What a bizarre society we have let yourselves become.


  2. People need to lighten up and remember we ALL where kids …..


  3. This does sound absurd, but I wonder about the details.

    I assume the object of the boy’s unwanted attention must have complained to a teacher or other member of school administration. If the kid’s interaction are being constantly monitored, that seems even more disturbing.

    Finally,a lot of attention has been dvoted to bullying of late. I

    Isn’t this a mild form of it? If bullying should be addressed I suppose this is where we end up.

    Though I suffered from bullying, I think this suggests that kids need to learn to deal with these things. I don’t think making the school responsible for for stopping it makes sense.

    Otherwise this is where you end up. We can choose to do that or not.


    • Bruce – SIX YEARS OLD? None of that applies. Being sent to the principal’s office applies. Time out applies.

      And kids bully.They always have. Like you, my brother was bullied mercilessly in grade school. The schools – or whoevver is the adult present wherever it occurs – should step in. But you don’t suspend a six year old.

      Years ago, we made it almost impossible for teachers to discipline a kid and I think that’s now a big part of the probllem.


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