A bad thing. And then a good thing.

Have you ever taken that first anticipated sip of coffee and then spit it right out? Did you ever have salt water coming out of your kitchen faucet?

I did. This morning. And that was a bad thing.

So I called the water guys. I’m on well water and amongst the processes that water must travel through on its journey to my faucets is one that involves salt. It’s all a mystery but it works (it did for 16 years until today)

The water guy then sighed and sighed and said well, guess we can squeeze you in. And so they came. And the fix took about three minutes. (Still, the company would’ve been entirely within their rights to charge the full rate for this call.)

Now since Gary (a lovely fellow, a lovely fellow) was already here, I asked him how often the aerator tank should be emptied and cleaned. And he told me and it seems it’s overdue and he said, as long as I’m here let me just look around and be sure everything is working. I went back in the house. And while I wasn’t looking, he set to cleaning that tank.

Gary could honestly have claimed a time constraint and I’d have had to accept that another full-charge service call was in my future.

But he didn’t. So Gary was my good thing.

8 responses to “A bad thing. And then a good thing.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Moe. I want Gary’s number! 🙂


  2. Props to those working Joe’s and Jane’s that do their job everyday
    And give a little extra that’s NOT in their paycheck…..


  3. a lovely fellow


  4. Oh, you Brits. “Amongst”? Really? When will we see “whilst”?


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