Rap re-envigorated poetry. So, good that.

My generation mostly doesn’t enjoy Rap or hip-hop and I understand that entirely. Each generation clings to the familiar; each generation finds the following ones lacking; each generation declares the end of history with their own passing.

And so, Rap music and hip-hop have been invisible to those of us who grew up on a different sort of music. Which is too bad, because there’s value there.

The impact has been that the lyrics brought poetry back from obscurity, back into the mainstream, and introduced it to those who might have lived a life without ever reading a line of verse. So much of this is poetry, a vigorous and relevant poetry. Some of it is vulgar or obscene (James Joyce anyone? Henry Miller?), some is vapid (How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?) and will soon be forgotten, but much of it touched on the human condition in a way that resonates with new generations.

One of the biggest of the hip-hop cross-over acts in the 80’s and beyond was certainly The Beastie Boys, who gained respect even amongst black fans. They did plenty of silly party stuff and were never high art. But they expanded a genre, a genre that I think was important. So RIP and fare thee well to founder Adam Yauch. This old lady thinks you done good.

Here’s a video by a rapper Mr. Lif (new to me,  but I’ve been cruisin’ around here and found this. I like it, especially the lyrics).

4 responses to “Rap re-envigorated poetry. So, good that.

  1. The biggest problems with both rap and hip-hop is that both these forms are largely based upon glorification of criminality and racism, and rampant misogyny.

    The “lyrical” form itself, being spoken word with musicality added to its meter, has great merit. The expression of it, however, is vile and destructive to very subculture that created it.

    Rap didn’t kill Trayvon Martin, but the attitude it espouses and the image it has created played a part in his death and the permanent disruption of the Zimmerman family’s lives.


  2. @jonolan

    You mean Zimmerman was a rap afficionado? I was thinking maybe he liked AC DC, you know, night prowler………………..


    • Ahhh…What passes for humor among the racist Left. 😆

      Please! Martin dressed like a thug and got treated like one – to a lethal extreme after he attacked Zimmerman – and that thug look is what Rap has promulgated among Blacks.


  3. Lol, Im still trying to figure out what is funnier, me being a racist or Left? 😉
    Im so glad Zimmerman did the right thing. Shoot that damn thug who brought his fists to a gun fight. You must admit though, he wasnt too smart of a boy(thug) thinking that he could take down a bigger man who was pointing a gun at him.
    Geez, some days I sit incredulous at the logic of some people, especially the smart ones. I will leave it to your phenomenal insight to figure out who Im talking about. 😦

    I keep telling my daughter that Im not really a racist, sexist, gun loving Leftie but then she catches me listening to more of my favourite band(well at least when I was a degenerate). 🙂


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