Flash! Anderson Cooper not afraid of Rush Limbaugh

This is exquisite.

On Thursday, Mr. Limbaugh of Palm  Beach spoke ill of Anderson Cooper, who lightheartedly responded with gentle use of the one weapon that I think has power with the morbidly obese four-times married public moralizer- he mocked him. He as good as said the unsayable: the guy is too fat.

Did Rush lash back on Friday?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7 responses to “Flash! Anderson Cooper not afraid of Rush Limbaugh

  1. That may just be one of the classiest put downs I have ever seen. Way to go Anderson!


  2. Woah.. I don’t think Rush could follow this talk. Too much roundabouts.
    But it works well though – insults him without any clear cut opening for retaliation.


  3. That was awesome! Many thanks and cheers to Anderson!


  4. Too classy for Limbaugh, I think. He’s a bully, capable only of perceiving Cooper’s response as weakness.


  5. Since I’m not as classy as Anderson, let me just add that at least Anderson might be found at a bar, not a pill mill. And thank you, Anderson, for having the kind of restrained reaction to Limbaugh’s bulls**t that I would not be capable of.


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