My question: who owned the tanning salon?

This lady likes tanning salons. She likes how she looks. And there apparently are no limits to the delusions we humans are capable of embracing.

She’s come to our attention because she brought the kid along and that got her into a bit of trouble. (h/t friend Ed)

From a dermatologist in The New York Daily News: “In all my years of treating patients as a dermatologist, I have never  encountered anything like this.”

22 responses to “My question: who owned the tanning salon?

  1. I saw her photo on TV this morning and thought they were showing a clip from Jimmy Kimmel show or something. That woman is crazy sick! Even if she DIDN’T put the little girl in the tanning booth, what kid wants to sit there sand wait for momma to fry?!

    Calling Dr. Phil. . . ! Oh heck, just call child protective services.


  2. This isn’t a look I’d want.

    My reaction on the child endangerment though is that unless there was more evidence of something abusive than I have the impression there is, this isn’t the government’s business. If this was part of a some pattern of dangerous behavior that would be different. Someone is allowed to look weird if they want.


    • Someone called Child Protective Services because they’d heard the kid was in the booth too – which of course would be child endangerment. Whether that’s true or not is not clear, so the story is no doubt over and evveryone is back at home. I agree that what mom looks like is only the business of the tabloids and her. Sad lady though.


    • Bruce,

      I was born in FL – sort of – and raised there off an on. As a toddler my mother couldn’t keep me out of the sun. I just didn’t notice that I was cooking. This girl could be the same way.

      I just hope she’s as lucky as I was and never developed carcinoma.


  3. Hmm. I wonder how old this woman is?


  4. Hope she gets back to Willy Wonka’s factory soon 🙂


  5. In the near future she can say hello to melanoma.


    • My thoughts exactly. Tanning THAT dark is a recipe for skin cancer — not to mention dry, leathery skin. Well, at least she’ll never have a Vitamin D deficiency.


  6. John Boehner must be sooo jealous.


  7. It’s like a bad impersonation of Al Jolson in black face.


  8. Moe … After seeing this story several times in recent days, the title of this post is outstanding!!!


  9. “The word “tanorexia” is giving me vocabulimia.” – Seen on Twitter


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  12. She took her ginger child to a tanning salon? That’s child endangerment if I’ve ever seen it!


    • Hi Emmitt, welcome. I’ve been away from here for a while, so just saw your comment. I beleive that lady was actually charged iwth that very thing! She must be a bit deranged.


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