Lou Dobbs channels Glenn Beck

Joy returns to TV! It is no longer the terrible, lonely wasteland it became after Glenn Beck left us. Because now, Lou Dobbs has taken up the chalk and returned to  the FOX blackboard. Really.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

12 responses to “Lou Dobbs channels Glenn Beck

  1. And to think I used to enjoy Lou Dobbs … that’s a pathetic commentary and the chalkboard is even worse.


  2. He used to be smart, clever balanced. Over the last 12 years he has become increasingly unbalanced. I suspect a brain tumor.

    Mel Gibson has one too.


    • I remember Elyse, there was a time when his CNN show was quite good. I especially liked when he reported at length on ‘black box voting’ and was instrumetal in stopping it.

      Now, he’s . . . I don’t know what he is, but rational isn’t even evident.


  3. And to quote the Washington Times – the moonie paper – as any kind of reference. OMG. And isn’t MSNBC using the slogan “Lean Forward”? We are doomed if people fall for this b******t.


    • Ahhh, The Washington Times – paid circulation about 40K. That lefty rag (actually, not any more), The Washington Post? Paid circulation almost a million. So that’s why the Times is credible in FOX’s eyes.


  4. The part that made me the saddest was at the end, when Lou started putting in his own slogan suggestions. It was such a failed attempt at humor. Yeah, I used to like Dobbs too…


  5. Too soon? – 🙂


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