Let loose the FOX hounds! The President of the US went to a war zone!

You already know . . . Obama, Kabul, signing something, speechifying, visiting some troops .  .  .

I have neither seen nor heard the right-wing noise machine gearing up for the outrage extravaganza, but I know the script. So do you.  He’s running for office! And, and, and this has never happened before. Yikes, I’m so very tired of it.

But this post is a natural opportunity, so let me remind us all that today is the is the 184th day of the eleventh year of the war in Afghanistan.

16 responses to “Let loose the FOX hounds! The President of the US went to a war zone!

  1. Mollie and i just returned home from a two-hour visit to her eye-doctor, the first 40 minutes of which were spent filling out forms in the waiting room and being involuntarily subjected to Fox News. (No remote around, no controls on the set itself.) This I felt sure was a sample of some special ring in the Inferno. The blatant biased blather was incessant and uninterrupted by straightforward reporting. It turned my stomach.

    This also reminded me of another thing wrong with healthcare – a total disregard for the patient’s time. Out of two hours there was at most 10 minutes of interaction with a health professional, and that’s being generous.


    • It’s been my experience that FOX is on in waiting rooms everywhere – doctors and other offices. I don’t know how that happens.

      Some years ago, my brother had to wait over an hour at a dr’s office when he’d had the appointment set weeks earlier. Dr saw him for ten minutes, like you. The bill came in due time. My brother estimated the value of 50 minutes of his own time (he owned a number of businesses), deducted the dr’s amount and billed the dr for the balance. Never heard another word and never paid the dr’s bill.


      • Fabulous, Moe. I love that story! It is like another that I read years ago in Reader’s Digest.

        I’m never sure how the channel choice in waiting rooms is motivated. Is it an effort to change minds or simply to try to guess the majority’s preference? Speaking just for myself, I wish they would leave the remote control out so that I could ask the others for permission to change it before I loose my mind. 🙄


  2. Didn’t President Bush visit troops in Iraq prior to the 2004 election? Though I think it might have more in advance of the election than this trip.


    • Not to mention ‘mission accomplished’ and the aircraft carrier and fighter jet . . . he had his eye on 2004 elections for sure. . .


  3. Anyway, he’s constantly being blasted for not supporting the military, and when he does that The Right doesn’t like that either.


  4. I’m sure the three knuckleheads on Fox & Friends will have something to say about it, which will be fabricated bullshit. go on…


  5. Moe off the topic, Did you come to know about this History in making in Tampa, Florida?



    • Hey Umer, long time . . . anyway, good for those Methodists. Israel itself is not monolithic on the subject . . . a large number of prominent Israelis speak out constantly and argue against the settlements. And against all the warlike rhetoric and cutting Palestinians off from their water, their farms . . . one of these days, they’ll knock that neocon Netanyahu off his perch. Did you know that he had tremendous support – both logistical and financial – from American neo-cons and Christianists?


      • I read a review of the book Israel Lobby so got some idea, but haven’t read the book yet. I think that book covers in detail such things.


        • When you read, remember that there are now two Israeli lobbies. The oldest,, most powerful is AIPAC and they’re very hawkish. The new one is JStreet, they’re sort of the anti-AIPAC.


  6. Good morning Moe! I hope you’re doing well. I admire the way you’ve kept up with the war in Afghanistan.
    Here’s my latest take on it.


  7. Steve – so what are you saying there? That Obama should have gotten us out imediately after seven awful years or that he is’nt doing things the way the Right wants him to do it.

    Four more years? No. Combat troops will be all gone by 2014; we stay for another ten years to ‘stabilize’ and ‘reform’ the country, a goal I think is not possible in a tribal society.

    Extricating from a war like this one, especially when it had been literally abandoned for six years, is the most difficult thing a country can do. In Vietnam, they literally chased us out. I heard the speech last night and tho I wish we’d been gone years ago, it sounds to me like a careful plan to leave Afghanistan without either side losing face.

    Got a better idea?


    • Well to be honest, no he isn’t doing things the way the “Right” wants him to do it. The way your question sounds is it seems that it’s cool for the “Left” that under Obama’s watch of barely over 3 years more than two thirds of the troops have been killed; yeah, he’s doing a real bang up job.
      Personally, in my humble opinion, the war should never have happened to begin with, and I loathe Bush and Cheney for it. And it chaps my a$$ that the left bitches and moans about the Right criticiziing Obama yet glosses over what I tried to highlight.
      This freak show of a pResident is Bush on steriods as far as warmongering is concerned.


      • Steve, you say “The way your question sounds is it seems that it’s cool for the “Left” that under Obama’s watch of barely over 3 years more than two thirds of the troops have been killed” . . . I don’t know how you got that out of my comment. And the ‘left’ – again, hardly a monolithic group – is very UNhappy with Afghanistan.

        But again, that said, there’s a reality here that must be dealt with . . . we must extricate ourselves from a god awful mess. I think the President’s words and actions yesterday position us well to make that happen. I listened to some journalists today who’ve spent years – even before 9/11 – in Afghanistan and to others who have watched the politiccal story over as many years. They all seemed to agree on one thing – what Obama said between the lines yesterday is “we’re getting out. This war is over.” And that’s what it sounded like to me too.


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