Does she do drugs?

So, I’m emptying the dishwasher, headphones on, listening to Colbert from last night. His guest is the actress Diane Keaton who apparently thought she was being funny. She wasn’t; major fail.

She was so weird she even threw Colbert a few times. I have never seen that happen before.


10 responses to “Does she do drugs?

  1. I saw that cringe-inducing segment. I actually thought Colbert handled it about as well as could be expected. She did appear to be under the influence of some good stuff.



  2. Oh wow – that was rough.
    Seems she couldn’t sit straight, and almost collapses at the end there. Plus hysterical.

    Probably not having the best day today….


    • Most amazing to me was watching Colbert try to figure how to play it with her. How’s the new site going mac?


      • Yep, I felt with him.. a new side of him though, out of character but still not losing it. More making fun of the bizarre setting.

        And the new site is going really well I think. Sharing travelling memories is rewarding and works well – and it took just about a week to get the same amount of traffic and half of the subs as the “old one”. And it’s less demanding in terms of “creativity” sort of, u don’t have to be opinionated or pick from current events – but just choose from favorite memories and see what comes along on photo sites.
        Also, the conversations about the pics are great. I’m trying to let the photos speak for themselves – and then add things in the comments when folks come along.


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