Damn you Google! Stop fiddling. And make it rain.

Google has disappeared the bestest little – and most convenient – weather widget ever, the one I’ve depended on for a few years. Now there’s only a link to a less informative source.  That’s a very Microsofty thing to do – and not very customer friendly.

See, I’m very interested in the weather today and the teevee won’t do it (I continually miss the eight-minute mark on The Weather Channel).  Down here, we’re in our 28th month of drought (barefoot caution: the grass will cut your feet), and today holds the possibility of up to an inch of rain.  (The year-to-date normal should be 10.9 inches. We’ve had 3.4. Pretty much in keeping with the last few years.)

I just grabbed this from somewhere – it’s the current Doppler. See that little segment between the two big fronts? That’s me.

Rain rain don’t go away. (and damn teh google!)

7 responses to “Damn you Google! Stop fiddling. And make it rain.

  1. Suggest NOAA.gov.
    Superb service paid for with our tax dollars.
    (Don’t know how much it’s costing us; but that no longer seems to matter.)
    Just punch in a zip code in the upper left spot and get choice of text, radar or doppler maps, or hourly predictions of your choice from about a dozen variables. Maps are expandable to beautiful national scale moving images.



  2. He, he, he….
    Get a MAC!….
    Trade in in your new pc…..
    Get an iPhone….
    It COMES with a weather app……


  3. While I am not disappointed that we were spared the forecast tornadoes, I really am sorry about the major downpour that didn’t happen. According to my rain gauage, we got an inch and a half in two days – nice but not enuff.


  4. We HAVE the rain up here in New York….
    And we’re gonna keep it for a week….


  5. That’s funny, we FINALLY got some sun over here in the Northwest. But yeah, I heart the National Weather Service page. It’s got the most accurate forecasts, in my experience.


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