Unbloggiest ever

Six posts in the last six days – sparse (and one was a Friday oldie, published with a single click so it hardly counts). Very very sparse.

I conclude therefore that I am very very unbloggy.

(In other news, it’s reported that a member of the British House of Lords thinks Bush and Obama are bad guys and has offered a bounty of ten million pounds to get the two. Can it be worse? Yeah, he announced it during a visit to Pakistan. I must say that was quite bold of His Lordship.)

8 responses to “Unbloggiest ever

  1. There aren’t too many people out there anyways……
    Hit’s are way down on the PDog too….
    No Big political stuff for now…..
    Enjoy your rest…..
    Come Sept it’ll be REAL busy!


    • It’s quite remarkable how quickly the hits drop when you’re not posting.

      Even tho numbbers always go down in the summer, for us I expect it to be bundles of political fun!


  2. Why … is that Bill the Cat I see in that picture? I’ve having delightful “Bloom County” flashbacks.


    • Bloom County . . . I miss it too. I just went lookiing for the final Opus panel from ’08 and it seems to be gone. It was very touching.

      Bill the Cat!!!


  3. Is his lordship also looking for former British PM Tony Blair???


  4. …and David Cameron???


  5. ohh, and Gordon Brown.


    • Actually bruce, I see now that Blair was on his list.. I am sure no-one is taking this as a serious threat – especially since the guy now denies it.


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