If you dance in public, you’re not a serious person. Unless you’re a man.

This photo from the Summit of the Americas will no doubt be titillating to viewers of  FOX News tomorrow. (They’ve never been able to shut down those visions of Clintonish sugarplums dancing in their heads.) The randy Telegraph (UK) kicked off the next! big! thing! with this headline (this really is the headline):

Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?  

That’s the headline; here’s the sin:

33 responses to “If you dance in public, you’re not a serious person. Unless you’re a man.

  1. You’re leaving out important context. Hillary is dancing in the wake of the Colombian secret service agent sex scandal. This had more to do with Hillary’s bad timing when it comes to celebrating than anything else.

    Think of it like Bush’s mission accomplished moment if you will. 😉

    Though I will admit that the headline is a bit ridiculous and hyperbolic. But so is the so-called “War on Women.”


    • Sean, do we know if she even knew of the SS scandal that evening?

      I’d add that one person dancing, even a Sec of State, isn’t remotely political. And I really can’t equate it to ‘mission accomplished’ . . . cuz where is the lie in dancing? Where is the policy in dancing?


  2. For me, the good news is that I don’t watch Fox News.


  3. EEewwww! I don’t ever want visions of SWMNBN’s “sugarplums” dancing in my head. It’d likely send me into a cloistered life in a monastery.

    But, more on topic, it was a poorly timed frolic on her part and one that is not going to resonate well with many people. It’s also an example of the older politicians and their handlers not understanding the modern 24 hour news cycle, with its necessary hunger for anything to fill those broadcast hours, and the viral nature of pics on the internet.

    Then you have to add the fact that few Americans real understand how and where high-level business is really conducted or how any business is conducted in many foreign cultures.

    Gods! If some of them knew what I was essentially forced to use their tax dollars (Foreign Aid) for in the course of doing business in foreign countries, they’d go utterly insane.


    • SWMNBN’s ?? What’s that?

      Nothing ot do with the scandal de jour, but the depth of our SS protection has been bugging me ever since the Kennedy assassination. I think it’s way over the top, especially since we know from history – in the case of presidents and kings – that a single assassin mostly can’t be stopped if he/she is willing to die.

      And we provide protection to so many others? I hate it when we do stuff like shut down NY – a city of 8 million people – when a prez is in town.

      Sometimes shit happens.


      • It’s a 2008 Dem Primary acronym: She Who Must Not Be Named. 😉

        You hate it? I live in NYC and it’s pain in the ass when the POTUS is visiting.


        • I once sat on a runway FOR FOUR HOURS at LaGuardia because a Pope was going to land. Bathrooms backed up and we were all gasping for air. We begged crew to open the doors, but ‘safety regs’ wouldn’t allow it.. Better we should asphixiate I guess.


  4. Ok….
    Let me jump in here before I start on MY Blog this morning….
    WTF does Hillary Clinton having a GOOD time in a bar in Columbia have to do with Secret Service agents who HAD a good time and messed up NOT paying their bill?
    The ONLY reason the Service story has legs is because there simply ISN’T any news….
    Hillary Clinton has enough things on her plate that she deserves a night out to unwind….


    • Here here james. You are, again, correct.


    • james, I just went to your place for second time to reply to your reply . . . anyway, the dog wants me to sign in yet again five minutes later. Is that right – doesn’t your site remember me?


    • It’s all about the optics. It just looks bad. I’m not arguing that it’s right. But then again, since when was politics ever about right or wrong?

      This is about leadership and managing perceptions. Celebratory dancing in the wake of a sex scandal is just bad politics and leadership. For instance, if you were a military officer who had a soldier with a DUI, you would set a bad example if you went out drinking the next night. That’s all this is about.


      • I don’t disagree Sean.. We’re both realists about such things . . . but I keep hearing this ‘in the wake of a sex scandal’ . . . have we any info that she was even aware of that at the time of the party? Which looks like a staff party to me.

        Of course whether she knew or not it will be spun as a ‘how could she!’


        • Really, Moe; given the economic climate in America, how can anyone involved in Obama’s administration think it’s politically OK to go partying?

          Of course this is Clinton and she might not be above allowing such a photo to be taken just to stick a little knife in Obama’s kidney as payback for her having to deal with his idea of foreign policy.


  5. Fox will excuse and even encourage “commentary” from the likes of Ol’ Ted, the Nug, Nugent BUT they decry Hillary kickin’ back a little like average Americans get to do whenever they feel the need?

    What is wrong with having a beer and shakin’ one’s butt a little. It most certainly is not banned just because she is part of the Obama Administration and using the economy as a reason to criticize a relaxing moment is rather ridiculous. Besides given where we started, things are looking better each day… so there is definitely something to celebrate, a least a little bit, with a quick beer and a little music.


    • Amen spuds, amen.


    • Simply put, a majority of Americans won’t see it that way. Instead, they’ll see a major player in the Administration partying on the taxpayers’ dime while many of those taxpayers are either learning to live with less or being told by the media that so many others are having to do so.

      In politics you have to BE SEEN walking the walk of the talk your group is making or face the consequences, no matter how irrational those may seem.


      • jonolan, indeed perception is all. But I very much doubt that – other than the ditto heads etc – people will much care about it. Seeing even a Secty State smiling and partying is really not a big deal.

        (And I think she looks FABULOUS in that pix!)


      • In this, I think you’re quite wrong. The more vocal Americans of what you call the Right Wing may well be the only ones to vent about it but almost everyone who sees this image is going to, for a moment at least, think of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

        Additionally, some others will see it as a breach of the “decorum” expected of high level politicians because we’ve promulgated the myth that these individuals just don’t party. (!?!?).

        Remember the short but very real kerfuffle over Obama running a “business casual” White House? That wasn’t just anti-Obama animosity; it was honest shock that such a thing would even be considered. It was like if Walter Concrite had appeared one night anchoring in a golf shirt and chinos.


        • I understand what you’re saying and might agree with you re ‘during a time of war’. Which today is, but again, most Americans seem barely aware. Unless there’s a big bomb, my newsppaper runns AfPak news as part of those little ‘around the world’ 2 inch stories.

          ‘Business casual’? I dont remember that, but I certainly would agree – woulldn’t like it at all.


          • Time of war or not doesn’t really matter in the back of most people’s minds, nor does their general lack of awareness ameliorate things. They don’t like their “leaders” having fun while they perceive themselves as suffering.

            As for the business casual White House – He started it on day 1 of presidency. Suit coats optional, even in the Oval Office; no ties required at all; Business Casual on Fridays; and jeans and “whatever” in the evenings and on weekends.

            I don’t like it myself. Sloppy dress leads to sloppy discipline more often than not.

            Of course, I’m in a suit and tie most days and surrounded by others in similar levels of dress so my opinion might be biased.


            • Seems RR, GHWB and GWB tightened dress codes (RR and GHWB said no pants on women). Clinton followed the same rules except for the pants, but didn’t formalize it. it was more rellaxed on weekends. Other modern presidentts don’t seem to have had a code, just tradition, which pretty much did the trick. (But I do remember LBJ in the Oval in his bathrobe – okay, it was middle of the night crisi)

              From ask.com: “One young Bush staffer, however, remarks that, in reality, White House styles of dress have not changed drastically. Business attire is still required during the week, but the look relaxes on the weekends in this administration as well.”

              Obama officially relaxed the GWB codes to allow jeans on weekends. And he DOES take his jacket off in the Oval. (maybe not anymore – too much criticism)

              As for ‘sloppy dress/sloppy discipline’, Apple? Facebook? Microsoft? Maybe discipline isnt the point . . .


              • “As for ‘sloppy dress/sloppy discipline’, Apple? Facebook? Microsoft? Maybe discipline isnt the point . . .”

                There’s a big difference between software shops and the White House – Those software companies have labs, QA teams, and beta testing before something goes live – and, even then they screw it up consistently.

                The White House, on the other hand, is working in a “Production Environment” during “Business Hours.” I’d rather take any measure that improved the odds of solid thinking and focus.


  6. Perhaps a clip of Bush’s attempts is in order.


    • Hey Steve . . . Steve, I would swear (look at the ages of the people around her) that it’s a staff party. And it’s fine with me. Anyone remember Colin Powell performing YMCA on a stage at some big military function during his Secty State stint? Costumed and all – hard hat, tool belt . . . I just went looking EVERYWEHRE for a vid link – they’re all gone. I found it last year, but it’s gone now.

      He was great by the way.

      (posted this at your place)


  7. I need search youtube and see if there’s a dancing Condi Rice, Madalyn Albright on there. Those are the only female Sect. of State correct???


  8. Hillary looks good. More fun when Bill isn’t around. Oh what might have been if only she were President . She certainly would not have been as bad as what we got .


  9. Hey, you go girl! You look greaT


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