Truly barbaric

Florida just lifted a law requiring that women in prison be shackled during childbirth.

We shackled women during childbirth? Until 2012?

I weep.

14 responses to “Truly barbaric

  1. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat



  2. Sick and twisted.


  3. Sudden weight loss can make one spry and fleet of foot…


  4. It’s pure political pandering. Florida’s DoC already had regulations against “shackling” women during childbirth. The only restraints used on pregnant women were cuffs on their wrists – in front of body – while en route to and from medical examinations, and then only if their custodial – i.e., were they “red dots” – level warrented restraints when outside their cells.


    • Not sure who you think is doing the pandering jonolan; the bill passed the FL House 114-1. Cuffs on wrists are NOT the only types of shackles used – full foot and hand shackles are sometimes used even today – even in some cases during labor. Foot restraints, when they were used, were always removed during the actual delivery.

      It’s true that practices within the DOC and prior to the law have been being relaxed on their own. And I am stunned to learn that my State was not alone but that somethlng like 26 ofther states do the same thing – even in the first decade of the 21st century.

      Like I said, that we do/did it at all is barbaric and I still weep. And what it says about us as a society is profound.


      • Where, Moe? Florida state prisons haven’t used most forms of restraint on pregnant women in years and years, except in the most dire of circumstances.

        And why weep, Moe? Does the female inmate suddenly become less dangerous to herself and others just because she’s visibly pregnant?


        • Really jonolan, where is she going to run to while she’s delivering a baby.


          • One, Woodstock, I’ve yet to find a confirmed case in decades in FL where the woman was restrained during delivery. That’s why I asked Moe where this happened – and I admit that my involvement and experience with correctional officers and procedures in FL was limited to working with the state prisons. Hence, I have far less knowledge of what may be happening in various county jails.

            Two, there’s more reasons to secure a prisoner than just preventing escapes. There’s also the very real danger of some prisoners harming prison personnel and/or themselves. Remember that no prisoner is restrained outside their cells except those who have proven to be dangerous – except, of course, when they’re being transported off site.


        • [And why weep, Moe? Does the female inmate suddenly become less dangerous to herself and others just because she’s visibly pregnant?]

          The weeping jonolan is about the sheer inhumanity. Even at the risk of danger to others, there should be limits to what we are allowed to do to one another. And dangerous? THe practice was not restricted to violent offenders.

          Also, the legislation isn’t about women who are ‘visibly pregnant’, it’s about women who are giving birth. You say State hasn’t done it in ‘decades and decades’. In what decade was it considered okay -the 1980s?, 1960s?


          • Moe,

            Where was it ever actually used in FL and under what circumstances? I can’t find instances of it in FL at all. Hence my calling it political pandering since it seems to be “correcting” a non-existent problem for political gain.

            You know, Moe, sometimes there not being a law against something actually means that it hasn’t been a problem.


            • Okay, now I have to go off on a bleeding link search – which I will do, since you often are correct on the data (though we’ll always have deep disagreements otherwise).

              Still dont get who’s doing the political pandering when it’s a universal vote? The person who introduced the legislation? (I don’t even know if he/she is running for re-eleciton – more link search, drat! )


              • Good luck. I’ve tried off and on since the beginning of this thread and have come up with nothing.

                Who’se pandering? All of them. The GOP is looking to defuse the manufactured “War on Women” and the Dems want to look like they’re doing something, anything.


  5. But we’re Florida. It’s in our DNA. How can you still be surprised after all these years?


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