Friday oldie. Oh, so old..

7 responses to “Friday oldie. Oh, so old..

  1. Old … Classic … and will live for a long time.


  2. With every birthday I remind myself that old is good.


  3. Saturday mornings, when reasonable people were sleeping in, my mother awoke us with just such classics, dancing and singing along to the Supremes, the Shirelles, Elvis, or Ritchie Valens. She even went one generation extra, with the Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller and other ancients. So I have an age inappropriate taste in music that stops abruptly around 1989…


    • It really gets you moving, doesn’t it . . . and somewhat less arobic than stuff after ’89! (I was very ‘into’ 80’s music, unusual in my generation. I think it was because of the advent of MTV plus LIve Aid and those other concerts in the mid 80s).

      That 40s music was and my Dad was played it all the time, so I knew all those too. Great stuff! Glad you agree.


      • I lived a musical trichotomy…Williams B. Williams playing “the chairman of the board” during the day; rock with friends on our little transisters outside; jazz into the wee hours of the night. Still listening to it all. Oh yes, On the Radio then, wish it were so now.


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