It’s too easy. Really.


20 responses to “It’s too easy. Really.

  1. Ah yes, of course. According to Faux correlation ALWAYS equals causation when it’s a negative they try to pin on Obama.

    I swear they’ve abandoned even trying to appear like a news network and have shifted into full-blown election year, republican tea party activist mode.


  2. And this stealing didn’t occur when gas prices were jacked to Jesus while George the Junior was on the throne?


  3. Actually, there was comparativiely little of this during the Bush years but a growing amount of it now, JR.

    That’s more likely due to differing overall circumstances though, than to Obama being POTUS.

    Of course, the article is quite reasonable and doesn’t mention correlation or causation at all, except for the high gasoline prices. This is just a sadly normal case of “Headlining” which ALL media outlets engage in. Got to hook those readers.


    • jonolan> You’re right there was no finger pointing on the part of fox when prices shot even higher under GW. I have seen a few clips from O’Reilly defending Bush and explaining how it wasn’t his fault.

      “the article is quite reasonable and doesnโ€™t mention correlation or causation at all”
      I didn’t even notice it was linked to an article… should have went to read it but then again I tend to steer clear of fox. But you make a good point with the “grab ya” headlines. I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot of people who just read the headline, take it as fact and run with it.


      • You missed my point. There was little gasoline theft reported under Bush, not just no finger pointing.

        As for blaming Bush or Obama for short-term gasoline price trends – That’s stupidly wrong in either case since a POTUS can’t really effect those things in the short-term.

        As for the headlines – The whole worthless media does it and it’s fairly vile but a long standing tradition in “journalism.”


  4. Let the BS begin!


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  6. If only PBS would do this sort of thing maybe they’d have more viewers…


    • They actually get about the same ‘share’ in prime time as FOX News Channel.


      • Nope. They get more – 2.7 million (PBS) vs. 1.8 million (FOX) and are the most trusted news source if one means their NewsHour show. They’re also the most trusted source (50%) – Fox is 2nd at 42% – and the least distrusted (30%) – Fox is the most distrusted at 46%.

        Personally, I like them because they both use international sources and specifically shy away from “soundbiting” and “headlining.”

        Not being slaved to advertising, they still operate in the old Loss Leader / Cost Center mode instead of the modern media Profit & Loss Center model that all the commercial networks have moved their “news” too.


        • I had trouble finding the up to date viewership numbers, even at Nielsen, so I’m glad to know that.

          And your comments? Agree. One. Hundred. Percent. (What passes for the evening ‘news’ on the three networks doesn’t even qualify for the name. Gave up on them years ago.)


          • Hehe…I kinda figured that from your blog’s tagline – not that most people probably read them, being after the headline / title ๐Ÿ˜†


          • My favorite news source, by far, is the BBC. I’m very grateful to my local public radio station for carrying BBC News at night….


            • I get the half hour “BBC America’ on my PBS here.. It’s so good – no cryons, no screaming graphics, no talking down and no babes with plunging necklines (except sometimes Katy Kay, but then she’s sort of joined the US punditocracy, so . . . ) Plus, real news. From real reporters who are actually there and know what htey’re talking about.


              • Yep. The only problem I sometimes have with listening to the BBC is too much depressing news from Africa…but then again, it’s a positive thing that they at least mention Africa.


                • The news from Africa has always been depressing. I shudder to think of what would happen if someone provided some of those ‘people’s armies’ with serious weapons. I dont think they even have striker missiles (the ones fired over the shoulder).


  7. Surely nobody …. but nobody is surprised about this headline.


  8. shortbus-wookie

    of course people are stealing gas. There are no jobs in america and people need their smart phones, and their cable television, and their boob-jobs, and their botox.

    Everything is Obama’s fault, — my grandma’s burnt cookies, the fart stains in my whitie-tighties, the fact my wife’s pet cactus died — all Obama’s fault.

    What IS Obama’s fault is “Indeterminate Detention without Trial” and “Fake Universal Health” for his insurance buddies to rape us, and the inability to get us out of Afghanistan, but FOX has nothing to say about this, do they?


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