Perhaps a nice hot pink? Or how about teal?

She's got that right!

My niece is a funny lady — just now on Facebook:

You know if women were in the Masters that hideous green jacket would be the first thing to go. That’s what they are really scared of. She’d just throw them out and pretend like housekeeping did it.

6 responses to “Perhaps a nice hot pink? Or how about teal?

  1. When faces with such bigotry I am reminded of Groucho’s comment “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have people like me as members”.


  2. Years ago when having your colors done was “hot,” (remember?) I was at some kind of meeting with my husband and part of the ladies’ entertainment was having one of these “experts” speak to us. She started out by saying there were one or two colors that NO ONE should wear and then she pointed to some woman in the audience and said, “Would you come up front, please?” and then proceeded to show us how a contrasting colored scarf around one’s neck was the only thing that could anyone in that color from fashion disaster.

    The hapless woman was wearing a Masters green sweater.


  3. That jacket reminds me of a house. My parents live way out in the sticks. As such, I have often had to give directions to their house. One day, someone built a house right at their turnoff and painted it the color of that jacket. Thereafter the last part of the directions began, “When you get to a God-awful green house, turn right…” Worked every time.


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