A new walker for the next generation of seniors

George Takei is inventive and prolific and endlessly entertaining on facebook, where he has a MILLION AND A HALF followers – because he brings us stuff like this: presenting the next big thing . . . The Imperial Walker.

16 responses to “A new walker for the next generation of seniors

  1. I’d get one of these for my grandfather, but I’m not sure he’s ever seen The Empire Strikes Back.


  2. I think I’ll buy one and save it for later since I’m not quite – or any longer depending on how you look at it – needing a walker, just a cane on bad days.


    • I sense another story there . . . in any case, I’d advise acquiring one. These are going to be kick-ass collectibles! (if they even existed – likley just some photoshop fun)


      • Sadly, they most likely are. Of course that doesn’t mean that I can’t have one fabricated…

        Or hope for a civilian version of the new military exoskeleton that they’re finishing field testing on.


        • So many wonderful new medical technologies coming from Feds these days because they’re dealing with so many more devastating injuries than ever before. Doing amazing work.

          And if googlle can get those glasses out there, those exoskeletons can’t be far behind. . . .


          • What I was talking about – http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/21/hulc-exo-skeleton-ready-for-testing-set-to-hit-the-ground-runni/ – isn’t medical technology. It’s Mil-Tech that I’d love to repurpose. 🙂

            Frankly, the feds aren’t developing much in the way of new medical tech or procedures because we’ve suffered tiny casualty rates – ever before, Moe? – compared to previous wars and civilian medical tech has advanced so far.


            • Maybe I wasn’t clear about the med stuff – our fatality rates are lower for sure, but would be a lot higher were it not for such improved and rapid treatment in the field. The soldiers coming home grievously wounded, who would not have surived in earlier wars, are forcing more rapid treatment developments.

              That link? HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!! But I could swear I’ve seen/read news stories about exoskeleton type leg braces etc with some kind of electrical dynamic – being tested for those who cannot otherwise walk.


  3. I don’t understand this posting. He’s the guy from Star Wars, right?


  4. The Empire Strikes AGAIN!


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