Latest viral giggle: Texts From Hillary

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14 responses to “Latest viral giggle: Texts From Hillary

  1. Shouldn’t he be texting with Elena Kagan while they read the US constitution and roll their eyes – “…limited powers AS IF LOL”



    Incidentally she’s sitting inside a US Air Force C-17 Cargo Plane’s belly….


  3. Look BEHIND her…

    It’s cargo plane NOT her plane which is a US Air Force Boeing 757…..
    Unlike the President….
    The S of S and even VP fly on C-17’s into ‘hot’ spots like Afghanistan…
    She also rides in what ever is available when she travels….
    Unlike the President and VP who have their armored Limo’s or SUV’s shipped anyplace on the planet for them to ride ‘securely ‘ in…


    • I hate how overblown our SS ‘protection’ has gotten. It’s nuts, so over the top. I don’t want anybody gunnin down the Prez or the Veep, but besides being an awful image to present to the world, no amount of money spent is going to protect a president from a determined individual assassin – which is the only way presidents have ever been attacked.


  4. There’s been talk she might take the veep slot to avoid the travel. I suppose the lack of fancy accomodations is the reason.


  5. I understand your point Moe…
    And yes things get a bit over the top…
    The fact of the matter is NO ONE wants an incident happening on THEIR watch or turf…
    So they DO tend to step things up……


  6. Bruce forget it on the VP thing….
    The spot belongs to ole’ Joe….
    Who helps and gets along fine with the President….
    I was watching and 2011 Eddie Murphy Comedy routine last night…
    The comedian made this astute observation….
    ‘Hillary got a job as Secretary of State from Obama……’
    ‘ Because she’s ALWAYS Traveling and NEVER in the country…..’


  7. Oh yes James! Now thats the truth 🙂


  8. Personally, I think Sect. of State is a much more meaningful position, even if it doesn’t have the veep’s perks.


  9. Sure is from a technical pov…
    But let us NOT forget….

    In the organizational chart….
    The Vice President DOES come first…
    Would BE first…..


  10. Update…
    Hillary was traveling to Libya….


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